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Thread: DMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)

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    BTW, what's the best way to get bloomed heart? I know you can get from trading life cyrstal but is there any other efficient way?

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    I usually farm them from whaleship maps. Sometimes we get them from login events too. I don't recall other ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by game2534 View Post
    BTW, what's the best way to get bloomed heart? I know you can get from trading life cyrstal but is there any other efficient way?
    I find it more efficient to use Sun Medals than Life Crystals for those. Save the latter for 5 or 6* skill flowers.

    1 blossoming heart can be purchased with 150 (minimum) Life Crystals or 1,120 Sun Medals.

    Sample Method A
    Current event E-8:
    80 stamina = 6 Life Crystals
    25 runs = 150 Life Crystals
    Total stamina spent: 2,000

    Sample Method B
    Whaleship 5-4:
    80 stamina = 246 Sun Medals
    5 runs = 1,230 Sun Medals
    Total stamina spent: 400

    - - - Updated - - -

    Game is up...

    New Event [Event 63] (06.26.17 - 07.10.17)
    Swan Boat Race

    Collect [event currency] to obtain the event knight 5★ Breadtongue.
    Also bet on the daily swan boat races for a chance to win more event currency.
    Gachas New Character Gacha (06.26.17 - 07.10.17)
    Increased rates for:
    6★ Apple (Tanabata)
    5★ Lucky Bamboo
    5★ Calendula

    Bloom Gacha Revival (06.26.17 - 07.03.17)
    6★ Viola (Yukata)
    5★ Cosmos

    5★ Camellia
    6★ Apple (Tanabata)
    5★ Lucky Bamboo
    5★ Calendula

    5★ Breadtongue

    6★ Pink
    5★ Ivy
    5★ Tall Stewartia
    5★ Gentian
    New Missions Unique Mission: Aqua Shadow Knights - Chapter 2 (features Aizoon & Protea)
    Campaigns 30% discount on the following maps (06.26.17 - 07.03.17)
    a. Unique Mission: Aqua Shadow Knights - Chapter 2

    1.7 Million Registered Players Campaign (06.26.17 - 07.06.17)
    Log in for 10 days during this period to get 20 flower stones.

    Tanabata Login Bonus Campaign (06.29.17 - 07.17.17)
    Log in for 10 days during this period to receive all rewards including flower stones and Leader Medals.

    Garden Tweeting Campaign Update (06.15.17 - 06.26.17)
    Campaign has concluded with 5,423 participants (target number: 5,000).
    All players will receive rewards after July 3 maintenance.
    Other New light novel character: 5★ Habanero

    New garden items
    New BGM to jukebox

    Home screen background set to Bergamot Valley

    Characters' equipment can be changed in the whaleship's character selection screen

    1 apology flower stone sent for extended downtime

  4. Loli fans must be happy with this event! XD Ah well. Gives me good reason to keep saving FGs for Tiger-chan.
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    I have no idea if it's bugged or intended, but the "evil" Aizoon in the final map just attacked four times in a row. Also the lvl 100 manyu from boat voting didn't show up in my gifts. So probably more compensations coming soon.

    Tall Stewartia bloomed? I need a red bird then, it seems that she has similar ability to bloomed Kerria, which is amazing.


    Ok actually cleared the final map but it was rougher than others. My main team barely lived the first group and had to get some clutch dodges/misses from Aizoon to get past her multiple attacks, they aren't joking with recommended 580000 power. I mean, other final blue char maps had the same recommended power but were waay easier. Double Cactace was kinda brutal with their high crits and def but still nowhere near as troubling.
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    So any trick on Swan boat bet? Just dump all points on boat with highest win percentage and spread the rest? (Because last swan boat event is a big pain for me)
    And decided to give up on Nutaku ver. since my shitty internet cannot handle it anymore. Not to mention IRL issue which give me lesser time to play as freely as before.

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    DMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)-untitled-1.jpg

    Click there inside we will get hint from the girl, telling which boat will get what place after race end.
    Like in past event race if Kale put the double circle on which boat, that boat won't get first place.
    I think Roentang will update wiki about this event soon so just save bet currency for now.

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    Went for one 11th pull. Just one gold - Bamboo chan, huzzah ! :3
    Considering she has the best design out of the current new gacha girls, and was the only one to really catch my attention I wont complain, even though the roll was really bad.

    Mitoru - I am surprised you are even able to clear those. I was unable to clear the final mission in those Mirror fights.
    Though I think with luck I might be able to beat Sakura/Mei combo, but the Cactus team with those buff is just retardedly tough.
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    Yeah, i have about 535k power but mostly good girls with almost all of them being bloomed so i guess they're pulling their weight.

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    none of the lolis turn me on

    DMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)-loli-1.pngDMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)-loli-2.pngDMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)-loli-3.png

    it has to be like Shinobu or Fate Kaleid lvl

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