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Thread: DMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)

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    went thru the perma reissue gurls - the only ones w/ equipment are Fatsia and Ponytail-chan

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    well, I go for Fatsia since she's pierce and Gentian - oh no, im not adding another slice gurl

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    Insane Power Level

    Hello everyone!

    I am relatively new to the game but I think I do understand the main mechanics now.
    There are a few things which bother me, though, so maybe you experienced players can answer me.

    From the beginning of the game I encountered many players with insane squad power-levels, i.e. lvl. 12 and 64k or lvl. 20 with 95k and even a level 3 with 70k...

    As far as I know, there is no fricking way to do this - well, I could try to buy flower gems and draw girls, but as the drawing results are rather discouraging that would be no practical way to get you 5 or even 6 6-star girls. And even then there would be the problem to get manyus and dragons to go to serious levels without getting the player level up.

    I managed to go to level 45 around now and I do have 2 6-stars and lots of 5 stars now, some even evolved and 1 girl blossomed. Still my power level stays at around 60k wich seems rather low (some 100+k allies with levels around 30). Is there something like a shop where to buy stuff aside from flower gems? That would be the only answer I can think of, but I did not find any (maybe because i am not speaking japanese).

    And another thing which I find a little bit disturbing is, if I do missions with a high-level ally then the helper squad does exceedingly more damage (special attacks all the time), i mean I do have some strong girls for example my blossomed one, but her damage is, well, lacking in comparison. She even died after blossoming in a mission I did a dozen times before without trouble, so her ability to soak damage is also not convincing (stuffing her with ampies obviously did not help much).

    So, even if that 5-star girl is maybe not very good overall (I do like though) it can not explain to me a damage difference of say 2k to 20k. I haven't currently equipped the girls with magic items, but as I see it the change in attack value would be not that much of an difference with standard/advanced Gacha (ATK from 5k to 6k).

    It would be nice to know the secret...

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    Grats on chainsaw chan ! You finally got your waifu, Yaai :3

  4. Hello Count Vasquez

    - About player have low lv but high TP, I encounter them a lot in my first day.
    I don't know how they do it, maybe beginner luck or maybe other thing.
    But in the end I just don't care and only care about my girls LOL.

    - Bloom any 5* girl doesn't change you TP much.
    There are several girls that get very high TP after bloom like Lavender, Nightphlox.
    But also a lot of girls very weak even bloom like dat panda girl from Tanabata event.

    - I never encounter the high lv helper group problem you experience.
    I have ally with 140k+ TP in my very first month but my girls didn't get any neglet effect from it.

    - I heard there are system that you can gain free DMMpt (cash point) by playing pachinko.
    But you have to get access to Japanese ID card.

    I don't know what squad you set or which girls you use.
    But from what I read you thinking your girls are squishy.
    Maybe try to switch some girls would help, that's the best answer I can tell.

    And rainbow girl just not the answer anymore.
    With more advance system even normal full lv 80 6* can easily K.O.

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    Welcome Count Vasquez!

    There are two possible reasons for insane power-level squads at low levels. One is that the squad belongs to a whale. A whale is someone who typically spends at least 10000yen (roughly $1000US) on the game per month. They roll the paid gachas and buy flower gems to get as many 5* and 6* girls as possible. The second way (and I speak from experience) is to just log into the game, and not level. How does that work? The original devs on DMM are incredibly, incredibly generous with free goodies and apology gifts. All those 100-year manyu from log-ins? Level the girls, which increases the power level. Also free tickets such as 4* and 3* tickets, both of which have a small chance to give a 5* or 6*. Not to mention boss events, where as long as the person has levelled enough to unlock boss fights (which I've done at level 3 before), you can max out an event 5* and get all her jewelry.

    As for your level and power levels, they are completely separate from each other. You can be low level and have a high power level, again, depending on how long you've played the game, and how much you actually level with each log-in. The best way to increase your power level is to have high-level girls. In fact, you may have noticed at first your power level may take a dip after you evolve/bloom a girl. That's because, as you may have noticed, the girl goes back to level 1. Only once she's near her new level cap does she actually become more powerful and add more points to your power level rating. There's also the girls' jewelry, and how much you have upgraded that. Those increase power level as well.

    As for the helper squad doing a lot more damage, the important thing to look for there is how often your girls' abilities proc (in other words, the likelihood of them going off). They usually start with a base percentage of something like 20% or 25% chance of happening, and that percentage increases as their skill level does (by using skillblooms or there is a chance to increase it when you upgrade a girl with a duplicate). Also look for girls who do damage to more than one enemy at a time. Once properly raised, they can wipe out a group of pests in one go. As for your blossomed girl, is she high level? And do her skills speak to her being able to take more damage? Some girls have very little defense and health in comparison to others. There are also girls with abilities to evade hits (Monopastrum and Water Lily come to mind). Not all girls have the same strengths and weaknesses. Some are made to be glass cannons (do high damage, but die fast), some are made to take damage (high health and defense, like Edelweiss), and some are balanced. Read up on the wikis about the girls in your team to see what their strengths are, and how they work together in a team.

    I'm not a total expert since I'm one of those who are interested more in making up my parties of girls I like, but I do constantly read up about the game because I love learning things. I've been playing for a little over a year now, first on Nutaku, and now I'm finding my feet on DMM since I'm just.. not happy with Nutaku anymore.

    Anyway, I really hope this all helps give you some insight!

    And, er, sorry for just bombing the thread like this. I've been lurking, but since I don't have a "main" FKG DMM account worth speaking of, I haven't joined in before. ^_^;;

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    Hello Count Vasquez, I hope you got some answers to the questions you had now. But if you got another or still didn't get it. Feel free to ask, fellow players here will be more than glad to help. And I hope you will enjoy your stay. (You even got 6* girl from start? That's some luck!)

    And @Mimea, don't worry and show up more ^ ^ We would glad to have you guys around.

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    She even died after blossoming in a mission I did a dozen times before without trouble, so her ability to soak damage is also not convincing (stuffing her with ampies obviously did not help much).
    If she is newly bloomed and still low level, that normal. low level bloomed girls are weaker than lvl70 evolved girls. You need to level up her more and, if you can, give her some bloomed affection gift (after unloking her bloomed affection gauge). That's not acurate but I think a girl will reach her lvl70 evolved power arround lvl50 on her bloomed form. Is she is under lvl30, don't expect anything from her aside her abilities bonus.

    also, when you say power level arround 60k I guess it's the power level of one team or your helper team. If it's your total power (aka the addition of your 4 teams power level) it's really REALLY low. For the helper team power level, remember that some people put all their higher total power girls in the helper team while you use more balanced team with good and less good girls in it. It can explain the difference of total power.
    For example, I can reach 130k TP with my best TP team but I'm still under 100k for both of my actual teams.

    Oh and Count Vasquez & Mimea, feel free to send me friend request. I still have a lot of free allies slots on DMM.
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