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Thread: "New" upcoming game: Armor Blitz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidoru View Post

    Factory research seems random. Not sure about if it follow a schedule or not. Maybe for some events.
    Thanks a lot m8 !

    Did skim through all the 5* And selected one or two from each type that I like both the stats and the looks of, so once I get those 3K blueprints I´ll have a good idea whom to aim for.
    Some of them are... I dont get it, but way to underpowered. Like Katyusha artillery. All the other girls have massive range and damage, she has bad range weak damage, though I think she had penetration or something, but still feels rather weak when compared to the others. Am I missing something ?

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    man is it frustrating when all u get is bad rolls in PoC and waste 4k fuel trying to get past that one god dam stage. Its such a joke when HT has such high cost for what little they bring.

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    Has there ever been a conducted list of best tanks of each category? Wondering since some tanks are clearly better than others in the same category and rarity.

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    From what I can tell from constant discord chatter:

    All the five-star light tanks do different things so you can't really compare them very well. But Lin is probably the worse because of her low durability (she's like, the least durable non-artillery unit in the game) while also generally not having enough range to avoid AoE attacks, meaning she tends to die before she can do anything. Satan is also incredibly hard to use but at least can accomplish her job (assassinating the enemy commander) every once in a while.

    For heavies, Tiger II is by far the worse, being inferior in EVERY stat to EVERY other heavy tank with the exception of T-30 Nira, who has slightly less overall durability. T-30 Nira has a lot more offensive power, however. She's really more like a Tank Destroyer pretending to be a Heavy Tank. Most people would rather not have that because you only get 3 emblem slots so gearing a tank out for both offense and defense at the same time is hard. She's still probably more useful than Tiger II though. Gear her up defensively and she's only slightly less durable while doing a lot more damage.

    For the "normal" 5 AP heavy tanks that aren't "I am inferior to everyone oh god why me" Tiger II, Conqueror is generally considered better than Chieftan due to higher evasion on her skill (but Chieftan is still good). For the 7 AP heavy tanks, Maus is considered to be superior to Claudia due to higher duration on her defense skill. (note that Maus and E-100 can only use their superior skill once per battle, unlike Conq and Chief's inferior skill which can be used multiple times... if they survive long enough to do it).

    IS-3 is a rush heavy tank designed to run to the front lines ASAP when you need to replace your presumably dead-or-dying heavy tank. WZ-111 has better stats than her but only slightly.

    For Medium tanks, there isn't really a huge difference among them for the most part. The exception is T-62 Yuliya who makes a great evade rush tank and Comet who is an inferior rush tank. The new Strid tank just released is officially a medium tank but her range (that you can't decrease) makes her function more like a Destroyer who gives up penetration for medium-tank-tier durability and an accuracy debuff.

    For Destroyers, Seren is god. Seren is life. Sturmtiger (a Destroyer that functions more like a Heavy) is pretty bad because like T-30 Nira, you can't optimally gear for both offense and defense at the same time, and whatever half you didn't gear for isn't going to be worth the extra deployment cost Sturm has. Jagdpanther is okay, and Jagdtiger is terrible because she's a high durability (yet still lower than any medium tank) low offense destroyer (something you don't really need) that costs 6 gears to deploy.

    All the five star arties are good, although Zoya is still considered the best even after her nerf, due to her larger AoE splash radius (it's not listed but the devs confirmed it's twice as big).
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