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Wearable Accessories that can be equipped (put on) on Flower Knights. Equipping these items raises the abilities of the characters.

There are 4 types of Equipment. Rings and Earrings, which usually increase attack, and Bracelets and Necklaces, which usually increase defense. All characters start with 1 slot, increasing to a maximum of 4 slots by using Character Upgrade, specifically if you upgrade a character with a duplicate of herself (or with specific units, like Mountain Lily Dressbloom); this has a 100% chance to increase the amount of usable slots by 1 per upgrade.

A character can only wear 1 of each type of equipment, even if she has more slots available. For example, a character with 4 open slots cannot wear 2 sets of earrings. Since there are 4 different types, it means that eventually each character would wear one of each type of equipment.

Each equipment has 3 things determining its power: rarity, plus, and level.
The rarity is indicated by the color of its border, gold > silver > bronze > green. There are actually only 2 rarities available in the Gacha for each equipment type, since not all types are considered equal: rings and earrings are silver and bronze, while bracelets and necklaces are bronze and green; gold equipments can't be obtained through the gacha, but can only be obtained thought character-specific Quests. The rarity of a specific equipment cannot be improved.

The plus ranges from +0 through +10, and although a +0 is not displayed, the other pluses appear at the end of the name, for example "Warrior Earrings +5"; they are also indicated on the icon. The plus of a specific equipment cannot be improved.

The level of an equipment starts at 1; it can go up to 20 for a green equipment, 30 for a bronze equipment, 40 for a silver equipment, and 50 for a gold equipment. Equipment Upgrade is unlocked once your character reaches level 40. Upgrading equipment is done by having them consume other equipments, as well as some cost in coins. The plus of an equipment being consumed has no effect on the amount of XP it gives; however, the rarity and level of the equipment consumed do affect how much XP it provides. Additionally, merging equipments of the same type gives some additional XP (for example: merging earrings with earrings gives a bonus; merging bracelets with earrings does not). The coin cost increases with the current level of the base equipment being upgraded; as such, it is more frugal to merge the maximum amount of equipments at once (10) in order to enjoy this coin discount.

Character Unique Equipment

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  1. just wondering are we planning to have pages for the unique character equips too at some point?
  2. Unique character equip? Is that something from Character Quests?
  3. yeah if you complete the third character quest, the one that needs the char to be evolved then go back there you can claim the reward for it which is an equip for the character such as this for Toad Lily


    Secret Feelings Earrings
    +228 ATK +43 DEF
    *Can only be equipped to Toad Lily

    has 50 levels for upgrading
  4. Mkay... Adding it now then, can you tell me some details on the Quests too? I don't have St. Paulia, Toad Lily, or Orchid Wydler, so i can't check their Quests myself xD
  5. the quests aren't repeatable so that makes it a little tricky to do sorry but can try to help where i can, last map hurt like all heck (level 46 enemies that hit for close to 2k >.<) though just did it today cause i only just got her to level 60 to be able to evolve her. you get medals for pests and bosses like usual but they don't matter cause there are no rewards for getting them, and it not being repeatable would make it a pain to try to get the 3 also. there are chests on the maps but only seen low level characters from them like the usual map chests.

    For Toad Lily

    For St. Paulia

    don't have orchid so can't help on that one. the scenes you get for completing each of the quests are in the album and can be seen again, they tell you things about the characters and the lily ones just made me like her more :P she also got an appearance in the St. Paulia second scene too.

    as far as i know can only get the equips once or if you can get more of them i am not seeing where you'd do that anyway :P which makes me sad cause i currently have 2 Toad Lily's would love to put one of the equips on each, but oh well. eventually when i have enough decent units i may end up combining them, but her ability is kinda handy on some maps too so dunno
  6. Ok, thanks a lot!

    Making the new page layout for Character Equip at the moment, but i'm adding the Earrings as soon as i'm done xD
    Will also add the Quest names/costs/conditions later
  7. no worries! happy to help, the wiki pages here on harem battle club have been very helpful to me and i am more than happy to help out with them where i can will be evolving St. Paulia when the daily for slice dragons comes around so will post the stats for her equip whatever it might be when i get it unless someone beats me to it.
  8. Quest names/Costs/Conditions was there in TemplateUnit_Detail from start, but hidden in comments for the moment.
  9. Oh? didn't pay attention to them, but good news, less work xD is it fine making proper TemplateCharacterEquipment and TemplateCharacterEquipment_Detail, or are those already done somewhere as well?
  10. I think there is no special templates for char equipment, so feel free to create them.
  11. Ok, thanks~

    EDIT: -facedesk- and yet i manage to screw up even by copying T^T
    EDIT2: Ok, linking it here as soon as it's good & fixed
    EDIT3: And done~ Needless to say, overhaul the templates as needed xD
  12. yay shiny! nice work! i wouldn't have a clue how to do that bit and sorry for making more work :P should something be added to Toad Lily's details page about it too?
  13. Thanks~ and no problem, wasn't a lot of work, just a bit of tweaking to make it look good xD

    And yeah, but the code for that might be already in place, and i'm kind of out of time, so i can't check it right now xD will take a look later if no one else took care of it
  14. just implement it into equipment template. we should not have more templates for same thing
  15. Whoops, already made a new one >.<

    Alright then, copying part of code over... Let's see if i can make it somewhat tidy...

    EDIT: And fused into TemplateEquip~
  16. #16
    Tips and tricks for upgrading equipment? Things such as:

    Does same type give more xp?
    Wait for +10 to drop or upgrade right away?

    Thanks in advance
  17. #17
    > Tips and tricks for upgrading equipment? Things such as:

    > Does same type give more xp?
    > Wait for +10 to drop or upgrade right away?
    > Etc...

    Below the game: [How To Play] [Characters] [Equipment Upgrade (1)] "Choosing Material Equipment from the same Category as the Base Equipment will increase the amount of Experience Points gained so try this out when you acquire multiple pieces of equipment from the same Category."

    So, yes, if this is correct, then using the same Types will give better EXP.

    I would personally recommend waiting for +10 or +9 and use everything else as exp-fodder.

    @ Everybody

    When trying to upgrade an Equipment, there's a number that says "Remaining: #". What the heck does this mean?
  18. Remaining: # (XP before level up)
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    DO you guys think the unique equipment are worth it after a while when upgraded?

    Because if you get +7-10 equips, the stats are much higher although its just a solo stat.
  20. #20
    They are earrings. Even at +10 earrings from drop can't beat their stat
  21. Hi i have the maxed stats on Orchid's earring
    ATK : 308
    DEF : 207

    Cant seem to upload images....
    FKG Mystic - 772124152 FULL
    20 Warrior rings maxed

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