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Wearable Accessories that can be equipped (put on) on Flower Knights. Equipping these items raises the abilities of the characters.

There are 4 types of Equipment. Rings and Earrings, which usually increase attack, and Bracelets and Necklaces, which usually increase defense. All characters start with 1 slot, increasing to a maximum of 4 slots by using Character Upgrade, specifically if you upgrade a character with a duplicate of herself (or with specific units, like Mountain Lily Dressbloom); this has a 100% chance to increase the amount of usable slots by 1 per upgrade.

A character can only wear 1 of each type of equipment, even if she has more slots available. For example, a character with 4 open slots cannot wear 2 sets of earrings. Since there are 4 different types, it means that eventually each character would wear one of each type of equipment.

Each equipment has 3 things determining its power: rarity, plus, and level.
The rarity is indicated by the color of its border, gold > silver > bronze > green. There are actually only 2 rarities available in the Gacha for each equipment type, since not all types are considered equal: rings and earrings are silver and bronze, while bracelets and necklaces are bronze and green; gold equipments can't be obtained through the gacha, but can only be obtained thought character-specific Quests. The rarity of a specific equipment cannot be improved.

The plus ranges from +0 through +10, and although a +0 is not displayed, the other pluses appear at the end of the name, for example "Warrior Earrings +5"; they are also indicated on the icon. The plus of a specific equipment cannot be improved.

The level of an equipment starts at 1; it can go up to 20 for a green equipment, 30 for a bronze equipment, 40 for a silver equipment, and 50 for a gold equipment. Equipment Upgrade is unlocked once your character reaches level 40. Upgrading equipment is done by having them consume other equipments, as well as some cost in coins. The plus of an equipment being consumed has no effect on the amount of XP it gives; however, the rarity and level of the equipment consumed do affect how much XP it provides. Additionally, merging equipments of the same type gives some additional XP (for example: merging earrings with earrings gives a bonus; merging bracelets with earrings does not). The coin cost increases with the current level of the base equipment being upgraded; as such, it is more frugal to merge the maximum amount of equipments at once (10) in order to enjoy this coin discount.





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