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❀ Character Upgrade

By combining the character selected as material with the character selected as the base, the base character can gain experience.
The amount of experience gained depends on the character being used as material, and some characters (▽Manyus) offer an especially large amount.

Once a character has gathered a certain amount of experience, she will level up, and her Stats will increase.
The 3 Stats which can be increased are HP, Attack, and Defense.
The amount varies from character to character, but those with high rarity tend to see a greater increase.

Skill Leveling through Character Upgrade
Only characters having the same skill as the base character can be used for Skill Leveling, however Skill levels are not guaranteed to increase. The higher they are, the lower the chance of an increase.
Alternatevly, you can use ▽Skillbloom that will 100% increase Skill Level.
* For list of Skills, please refer to this page.

Equipment slots increases with Character Upgrade
By using the same character as both base and material in Character Upgrade, it is possible to increase equipment slots to a maximum of 4.
Unlike skill levels, these slots are guaranteed to increase, so be sure to try it whenever you get more than one of the same character.

* Locked (protected) Characters cannot be used as materials. Character Upgrade consumes Coins, based on the level and evolution stage of the base character.
EXP Requirements Table
The following is a tabulation of the experience and gold requirements for leveling your knights. The left and right columns under each rarity represent the amount of experience required for reaching the next level and the total amount of experience obtained up to and including that level, respectively. Cumulative experience values for max levels (before and after evolution) are placed in bold. The gold usage columns represent the amount of gold used per upgrade material.

Lv./Gold Used
Next Lv.TotalNext Lv.TotalNext Lv.TotalNext Lv.TotalBaseEvolved
Status Up
Raise the stats of your Base Character by selecting a Special Material Character (▽Ampy Beast) during Power Synthesis.
The 3 Stats which can be increased are HP, Attack, and Defense with specific Special Material Characters to raise each stat.

Stats Up Limits
The limits for each character are as follows:

HP - Can be raised to a maximum of +3000
Attack - Can be raised to a maximum of +1000
Defense - Can be raised to a maximum of +400
Ampy Beasts
These Characters gives experience and raise one of Stats

❀ Character Evolution

Raising a Character’s level to its maximum allows you to perform a Character Evolution.
Evolution increases the maximum level and reverts the Character back to level 1.
Raising a character after evolution is more difficult, however, the increase in stats makes it more powerful!

In order to perform a Character Evolution you must meet all the conditions below:
1. Your Character must be at maximum level.
2. You must have the necessary Evolution Material Characters (▽Bloom Dragons) in possession.
3. You must possess more than the necessary amount of Coins.
Some characters learn Abilities upon Character Evolution.
You will also gain ability points which count towards your Affection bonus so Evolve all of your favorite characters!

* Evolution Material Characters used must be of same class as base Character.

For each rarity there is different amount of Evolution Material Characters and Coins needed for evolution:
[S] Lv.542---
[M] Lv.201342-
[L] Lv.100--135
Bloom Dragons

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  1. Hmm do 5 star dragons drop in "Intermediate" stages?
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    FKG: 569940957, Hitsuji: 99207
  2. Yes, they are quite rare drops from fancy chest in intermediate. Ve-ery rare. But drops. But rare.
  3. Thanks, gonna farm Intermediate then.
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    FKG: 569940957, Hitsuji: 99207
  4. Actually I just got the golden dragon right now What a lovely coincidence!
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    FKG: 569940957, Hitsuji: 99207
  5. #5
    either im just unlucky or is no one else dropping advanced dragons since the yellow one showed?
  6. #6
    Yep, 5 star dragon did drop on "intermediate" stage, somehow in my case if i able to defeat all the pests. i always got that 5 star dragon.

    PS : just focus on the character that u want to upgrade. Don't stash all kinds of elemental dragon on your inventory
  7. #7
    lol they dont drop for me in advanced stages but they do in intermidiate...is it broken?
  8. #8
    When evolving, the affection level goes back to 0%?
  9. No, the affection doesn't reset after evolution.
  10. #10
    Hey guys, so I saw this while reading at the How to Play > Office > Gifts section...

    You’ll get an Affection Bonus for Stats (HP, Attack, or Defense) for every 1% increase in your Affection.
    Affection Bonuses vary by character, and you can Evolve certain ones to boost your Bonus.
    If you Evolve a character before they’re at 100% Affection, you’ll get an added boost to any Affection Bonus you already have.

    About the last part... Does this mean that if I evolve a girl after 100% Affection, she'll lose the stat bonus permanently?? And would keeping her at 99% make a difference??
  11. No, it just means your existing affection bonus will be boosted.
  12. #12
    What's the difference between each skillbloom? Are they all 100%? Or are they 100% for the respective rarity? (100% if bronze skillbloom used on bronze girls, silver on silver, etc). Or 100% only for the highest rarity skillbloom?
  13. Skillblooms only work for their respective rarity - bronze only skill-up 3-star girl, while rainbow for 6-star only.
  14. #14
    Yeah, so that means if she gets evolved at 100% Affection, she won't get the bonus, right? Compared to a similar card evolved before 100% Affection, it would be weaker?
  15. part of evolution is that it doubles the affection bonus, so whatever it is at 100% you will end up with double that after evolution, and the character pages on this wiki show that the +number in brackets on the stats part is the affection bonus for hp attack and def. i am not sure how this works for evolving things before 100% whether the doubling applies to the future affection stat gains too or not, but i would guess it does? also as a nice bonus any girl you get to 100% affection will give you a flower gem, though only once for each girl, so two 100% affection girls with the same name is still just 1 gem :P
  16. #16
    Awww, why did they have to make this so complex... It's like those games where you get a 5-10% stat bonus when both cards are at max level before evolving... Never been a fan of that system... Just wanted to make sure, since it's pretty hard to get 5 and 6 star cards, so thanks for the help everyone!
  17. There is no such bonuses. Evolution doubles girl's affection (but not past 100%).
    E.g., if affection was 20% -- after evolution it will be 40%. If it was 80% -- after evo it will be 100% (or 99%, not sure).
    So, no super-duper bonus for over-affected girls etc.
  18. @Antioche: you are wrong, Evolution does not double Affection, but double Bonus:

    Sasanqua before Evolution:

    Sasanqua after Evolution:

    See, Bonus are doubled.

    Next I gave her a Gift (+2%) and she get HP +26, ATK +17, Def +4 which are exactly what she get from Gifts given before Evolution with Evolution Bonus.
    (Ex HP +1082 with 82% Affection --> HP ~+26 (1082/41 = 26.39) with an additional +2% Affection Gift.)
  19. #19
    For those after the lvl 100 dragons, If your able to kill the Pests but not boss. you can still do the 80stam map.

    I was able to get up to the boss but unable to beat it. Simply withdraw after you get all the chests you can before the Boss Battle.

    It's not optimal, but I imagine it is better than farming the 50stam for the lvl 100 based on how I got 1-2 each run today.

    HOpefully this is helpful to those who like me are unable to fully finish the missions but have girls ready ford evolution
  20. #20
    Cool I didn't know that you get to keep the loot if you retreat
  21. #21
    I haven't evolved any of my characters yet, so I'm curious.
    When a character has evolved, and their picture graphics changes, can you still use the base graphics while their assigned as a leader?
    Because I've looked at a lot of the characters, and with a good number of them, I'd rather keep them as they are. ^^;
  22. #22
    no you cant change to base graphics
  23. in Character Equip/Lock click assign as leader/exchange after evolution
    Blue is before evolution
    Red is after evolution
  24. #24
    Wait, so the bonus from the future gifts you give them after evolving does not get doubled?? Then is it better to get them to 99% or 100% before evolving them, so that the bonuses from the gifts before evolving gets doubled...?

    "If you Evolve a character before they’re at 100% Affection, you’ll get an added boost to any Affection Bonus you already have." ... Should I disregard this then?
  25. Before evolution every % of affection could be worth, say, for instance, +6 HP, +6ATK, +2.5DEF (<--- Violetta Tulip, more or less)
    After evolution, every % of affection would be worth +12HP, +12ATK, +5DEF - regardless of the affection being gained before or after evolution.

    So, you can give gifts before or after evolution, and the final result will be the same either way.
  26. Yes, you can actually change from the normal look to the evolved look in the character screen. This will change the look of your assistant as well.
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  27. #27
    Thank you! I don't have much time to play this right now, so I couldn't clarify it myself since I can't evolve anyone yet... So in conclusion it doesn't really matter when they get evolved, so long as it's before 100%, right??
  28. Last part is wrong. It doesn't really matter when they get evolved at all, even after 100%. You can evolve at 0%, 26%, 97%, 100%, and the total stats when they reach 100% will be the same.
  29. #29
    What's with the lvl 100 dragon? Been farming the 80 sta one and not a singe lvl 100 drop. Is there a trick to get it?
  30. Get some lambs and make a sacrifice to the RNG.
    Joke aside, no, it's just luck. But the chance for fancy chests to contain Big Dragons is higher in Advanced.
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  31. #31
    I finally got it (them? I got 2) to drop. Weirdly enough it only dropped if I didn't finish the map (advance map). I got all 3 lvl 100 dragon that way but it never drop if I finished the map.
  32. well thats wierd, I got my 4 lvl 100 for dragons today. And same last week. I usually drop them after 1 or 2 runs but only 1 at a time.
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    FKG: 569940957, Hitsuji: 99207
  33. #33
    Did you finish the map? For me it only dropped if I did NOT finish the map
  34. They do drop normally if you finish the map (dropped 1 first run, then 2 in the second run yesterday myself, both times finishing it), you just happened to have some really odd RNG, i guess.
  35. I don't have read that here, but know there is RNG during Upgrade as well (for Girl and Equipement): sometime you get an "Upgrade Successful!" wrote in gold with a star and who give more XP than expected (maybe ~+25-50%, I don't know exactly).
  36. #36
    so when I evolve a charakter, can I still unlock equipment slots if I use an unevolved version of her as upgrade material?
  37. #37
    Of course. As far as I can tell (unlike Hellfire Girls for instance), you don't need to level up girls before combining at all either. Just give the same girl to your better girl (fresh out of the Gacha bin) and she's got a crack at picking up a Skill level and an Armor slot. Very simple, very easy.

    Reading this thread, I'm realizing how much misinformation there WAS on up; a lot of stuff can be figured out by simply trying things.
    (I think all of the misinformation has been addressed / corrected. Worrisome how certain people were about some things though, ie: Affection bonuses vs. Evolution, not being able to revert to the default pic after Evolution, etc. Stay safe out there..)
  38. #38
    Just posting to warn you of a bug I encountered yesterday.

    After Evolution, you can NO LONGER increase characters Equipment slot, bu using the same character.
    Tested on Sasanqua. Post evolution I was not able to use a pre-evolution version to unlock her last equipment slot.
    The game does not even register the pre-evoluttion version in the upgrade menu - you cant use her no matter what, as the game wont even display her. Hence I believe this is a bug/oversight rather than intention.
    Already reported this on the Nutaku FB page, but want to give the rest of you a good warning before you end up with a permanently locked slot like I did.

    I suppose that if I evolved another Sasanqua, then maybe the game would allow me to unlock the last slot. However I believe that this is not it as it would be to counter productive. After all, everything carries over post evolution, and there is absolutely NO warning for the player that once evolved, the equipment slot of the character can be unlocked only by another evolved copy, rather than the standard copy. And since the game does warn you even on things like using 3* units for upgading I believe this to indeed be a bug.

    So guys, unless solved, make sure you completely unlock equipment slots on your character before you evolve them. (Its stupid I know, especially with the more rare drops, you newer know when you get another one, hence you would have to wait with the upgrade till who knows how long. Indeed feels like a bug).
  39. Very odd, but are you sure your non-evolved Sasanqua didn't get locked by mistake? Her not showing up at all would suggest an issue with locks, rather than Evolution itself (if the latter was the case, she would be shown somewhere when upgrading, at least)

    Additionally, I had no issue upgrading evolved Silvers (Yulan got her last Equip slot after evolution; i'm not sure, but i think i also gave Saffron Tulip her 3rd after evo)
  40. #40
    I can confirm no problem with my Hibiscus as well
  41. #41
    Maybe it only affect sasanqua? My only evolved 3* is Alstroe Maria and she had no issue unlocking equipment slots post evolve with pre evolve. (I had no issue with my 4*, not lucky enough yet to have a copy of 5*)
  42. Odd as it sounds, try to lock/unlock Sasanqua to see if anything change?
  43. #43
    Can u please put a table up showing how much Exp is needed to go from each level to level?
  44. Done.
  45. How have people been spending the ampy? Give all of it to 5* girls? Would you enhance their best stats or improve their weaker ones?
  46. #46
    Reporting back on the Unlocking bug I mentioned above.

    After playing around with changing party members, upgrading, locking/unlocking etc. basically the tips I got here it seems the problem was with the Character lock option.
    Basically the character ment for upgrading was unlocked, but the game was treating it as if locked. After I manually locked and unlocked her, the problem has been fixed.
    Thanks for the help all of ya
  47. Good to hear it worked! : D

    about Ampy: just give them all to your favourite girl (all the better if she's a 5*) xD
    Been dumping them on Lavender myself, while waiting >.>
  48. I got this again:

    With Lilac from 23 to expected 35, but at the end she was Level 40, so she got 5 Levels for free thanks to RNG.
  49. #49
    So.... u get a new ability after evolution, but do you keep the old one or does it get overwritten?
  50. #50
    You keep both if the ability are different.

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