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Using in game currency and Nutaku gold you are able to acquire new companions to aid in your quest through Gacha. Gacha is a lottery system where you try your luck to acquire new companions and strengthen old ones. Combine companion cards to power up your companions and reveal their darkest desires.

Available Gachas

Card Reveal

When a Card Reveal is used during Chance Time, all six cards will be revealed to you and you can select the one you want.
Card Reveal can be used in any Gacha or Explore/Completion Scheme/Events Chance Time.

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Current Discussion: Main discussion

  1. I just thought it would be nice to have this section kinda similiar to Events section: with a separate page for each type of gacha with lists of cards that are available on each of them, so one could come here and quickly check the list of available cards and their artworks/stats with a quick access to each card's page from a particular gacha machine to plan their next roll of some particular gacha with hard to get tickets, or decide on which card to pick from what they have to choose this time from on their current roll if they use Card Reveal. Also, i think this will help new players to quickly find out which cards to level up with Wild Cards first (since they are rarely or totally not available for getting again anymore) and which they can not level manually since they'll be constantly getting auto-levelups from N gacha, Exploring, Elite Guard and so on, anyway. This might be a part of Cards section, as is for Attributes and Rarity or, as i said, here, in the form, similiar to Events section.
    Stopped playing all Nutaku's games (and, thus, using HBC and other related forums) around 06.2016
  2. yeah, good idea, I will look into it

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