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    Tank Destroyer - Jagdtiger Odette

    Her stats seem good. 20 Starting range abd 50% penetration from the get go certainly make her viable already without any emblems yet to be added. Her active single target shot aint bad, but I am not fan of these sort of powers (I prefer the timed stat bonus ones), though I suppos it might be decent for sniping massive amount of HP from enemy heavy tanks.
    Her art style is fairly simplistic but not horrible and she also has a Character Story which is always a plus.

    Anyone has this girl ? How does she perform ? I am already leveling up Sturmtiger, who I am not impressed by to be honest (yes she hits hard, but with her cost, she doesnt get deployed that much honestly) and still have Ho-Ri II who is extremely dissappointing, both stat wise and ability wise, since it takes her very long time to ready her active ability.

  2. iirc from discord discussion, among destroyers there is "Victoria and Seren tier" and that's all; but it was like a month ago, before t-100 was released.

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    Odette is above average I would say. Victoria and Seren are flat-out superior to the rest, Ho-Rii is OK but her skill initial is off-putting, T-100 is good but if you're not careful her range reduction debuff can end up letting enemy tanks slip past your blockers, Sturmtiger needs too much emblem help to be viable for her cost, Tortoise is meh for her cost and the new event destroyer is also meh for her cost.

    IMO for Destroyers:
    Seren > Victoria >>> Odette/Ho-Rii/T-100 >>> Sturm > Tortoise > GMC

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    Sturm is an AoE Heavy disguised as a tank destroyer.

    Her job is to block and kill death balls at own commander or come up behind a skill blocker (AMX-40. Maus. E-100) or any (dying to death ball) HT and kill ball there.

    She is pretty wild used as that, as she'll clear anything with a dps crit build, even at 300 dps (easy to do) is fun, up to 600 dps is doable and thats just hilarious.

    But as a TD on her own. Agreed. Subpar.

    Anyho, I most run Focus Fire dps, range and reliable, not flashy but grinds everything down every single time.

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    Thanks for the input guys, appreciate.
    So in that case seems RnG was good to me with this one at least, getting Odette. Cant complain about her, and she fits in well as far as the way I like to play goes. If that 300% shot of hers gets to be fired at least twice per deployment, than that would be very neat indeed.

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    Sturm needs good emblems to be good. Most DPS tanks only need DPS stats on their emblems while Heavy tanks and buffing light tanks only need defensive stats on their emblems, but Sturm needs both. She's amazing if you do manage to get both though (typically requires four and five star emblems, of course). Getting her more range than your main heavy is recommended too if you can pull it off while still getting lots of the other emblem stats. Don't bother giving her a move speed emblem. She'll still be a slug even with that and she desperately needs all the other emblem stats.

    Also, she generally needs to be your first or second deployment or else you'll die of old age before she reaches a battle already in progress. And of course she needs to be a decent level (whereas most DPS tanks can get away with being lower level a little because they don't have to worry as much about dying)

    Jagdtiger Odette used to cost 6 gears. That made her possibly the worst five star Tank Destroyer. She's useable at five gears now though.
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    Is this weeks research, IS-3 (Alyona) any good?

    (My Heavies currently consist of Tiger II, Tiger (P) and Tiger I)

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    She's a rush tank, meant to run to the frontlines as your original heavy is dying so your backliners like arties and destroyers don't get wrecked. Your listed heavies don't include any like that so might be worth picking up.

    BTW, I just had Satan run to the invasion commander (assassination scheme), but the Sturmtiger that dropped in front of her walked past her AND SHE TURNS AND RUNS AFTER THE STURM ACROSS 1/3 OF THE F'ING MAP. Needless to say, assassination failed miserably >.<

  9. I remember getting rushed by IS-3 +IS-7 + 2x satan during Halloween event, i died like in 15 secs LuL.

    Quote Originally Posted by IvanLedah21 View Post
    BTW, I just had Satan run to the invasion commander (assassination scheme), but the Sturmtiger that dropped in front of her walked past her AND SHE TURNS AND RUNS AFTER THE STURM ACROSS 1/3 OF THE F'ING MAP. Needless to say, assassination failed miserably >.<
    I just had the same situation, but the map also had lots of landmines and satan ran right on it RIP.

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    I have and like Odette. Not as much as Victoria, though. I save her for one of my last deployments, and in that situation she gets to use her skill multiple times...I think my record is four times. I deploy her after Sturmtiger, who, now that the arc firing bug is mostly resolved, sometimes gets close enough to some bosses to get missed by most of their shots and I can just cycle Odette's skill until the boss is dead. I'm not usually crazy about Sturm, but if I can get her into that sweet spot and the boss fruitlessly tries to shoot her for the rest of the battle, I know I'll win.

    Now own question. I'm at the point where I have 15 5*s (one of them the meh one from the last event). My secretary is and shall remain the lovely 4* Petra (until I simply can't justify running her any more). With more event 5*s on the way, and of course monthly login/factory 5*s, should I start being more picky about which 5*s I pick up for blueprints? As for heavy 5*s, I got T30 (Nira) for my last login 5* How is IS-3 Alyona compared to her? I'm usually more of a fan of mediums...but a new 5* is still a new 5*. Should I buy Alyona?

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