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    Kusho Guest
    Comparing her to a support is irrelevant, she serves a different purpose. As a rusher/emergency tanker she is absolutely amazing with her 30 seconds of nigh-immunity (90% evasion is a good estimation, its enough, and OF COURSE one should build her for evasion) and very high dps that puts many meds to shame, not to mention the 3 gear cost. Puppy eyes or not, im gonna put her to good use

    Oh, and unfortunately, i dont have the goddam Leo LoL, lol

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    Unregistered Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kusho View Post
    Comparing her to a support is irrelevant
    Not entirely irrelevant. She IS a support light in that she's got the de-buff passive, which makes her rate of fire relevant to how quickly she can drop an enemy tank's accuracy. To make full use of that passive you need at least a 25% faster rate of fire, or [0.6] attack speed. Plus she's essentially a beefier Type 62 in terms of basic stats. You could call her a cut down Leopard 1a1 but that's I think missing the point. Run her behind your choice of evasion tank and you'll extend their life.

    Finished off the event by farming Ocica. Ended up with 14 green chocos because two map resets decided to hold out on me, proving once again that random event drops are still dumb-bad and that 350 cores for an event map reset is at best an idiotic gamble. Didn't end up getting a reinforcement pack in the end since I'd have had to buy three boxes of love just to cover the 5 K points in love letters I needed to finish off the event and I am completely out of flippin' oil. Oh well.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Sweet, an extra day to farm! To be honest, when I asked the question earlier, I wasn't expecting this to be the answer...but I was hoping! Good thing I didn't spend my event currency yet.

  4. Going to be honest, I thought the event was over and the remaining time was for spending currency. I can't get anywhere better where I'm at. I'm just happy that this is the first event I could get to the 5 star unit....no elite status but at least I got her.

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    Just going to point out that ALL lights have a debuff passive and calling any of them 'supports' just because of that is not an accurate statement. The debuff is nice for sure, but it's that massive evasion boost that makes her so nice, almost like another Satan, Assassins like those are very good for certain maps so I can see myself using her. Another point to make is that you say she needs another 25% atk speed.... the event gave us 5* Atk Speed emblems and honestly if you were not planning on using one of those on her to begin with then you are doing something wrong lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zandel View Post
    ALL lights have a debuff passive...[snip]... Satan.
    Just sayin'. Also, It's a support skill if it improves the performance of another unit. Just because the M41 isn't a dedicated support unit doesn't mean it does not function as one in any capacity.

    I don't remember saying I didn't plan to use an attack speed emblem on her, but it's still a consideration. Some of my lights have over 0.6 base attack speed and use HP, evasion and crit or piercing because they can already carry their passives, and the secondary effects of my emblems better support the crit or piercing. . . and almost none of my attack speed emblems have enough +damage to make them ideal for high attack speed tanks, so that's a thing.

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    Game is up.
    New crafting system and missions added.

    I like the concept, its still new so there is not much to it, but I really like the idea. Now I hope the emblems you craft will be of your choosing, and not be randomly generated - that kinda misses the point of choosing which emblem type you need.
    The "upgrade" for 50 cores per Battle map (Crafting missions), is stupidly high. If it was permanent I can see the reason, but for 50 cores you get one extra mission, for one use item ? This is a bad decission.
    20 Cores I can see, since you can make that just by playing PoC itself. 50 is pushing it. I tried it once to see what happens, but as mentioned, its a upgrade for One use only item. Not worth it.

    Now few more notes: When exiting your base, you no longer go straight to world map instead you have to choose between World Map, PoC or the new Crafting missions. This while its a good idea, looks ugly as F--ck when popping out at you. A corner that needs to be polisehd.
    Next - You CANT access the crafting missions from the World map, you have to go through your base and then through the ugly selection once more... again this is tedious multiclicking for no reason - Stream line the idea. Make a new pernanent Island or something on the world map that allows you to access the crafting missions from it. Dont force the player to go through multiple screens just for this.

    Last pet peeve I have is that at the moment you get the moment you get the Crafting mission "invitations" only through Invasion mission. This is quite stupid and fairly limiting. You are TRIPPLE gated with the crafting - You need RnG to drop the Emblem Core that is the base for the crafting. You need to gather wast quantity of crafting resource, which you can do only when running the special missions - which ARE limited in number as a Invasion obtainable only item.
    This is retarded at the very least - you cant introduce a mechanic that takes such a wast quantity of time to complete, and then put multiple gating restrictions on it.
    I personally think they should drop the Crafting Invites completely and make it a fixed point on the world map, where you go farm when you want to do crafting. Much faster much more fluid.
    If they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO use the Crafting Invite item, then at least make a % drop chance for every single map, so when people are farming Ocica and such they get a chance to get it as a bonus with the standard loot.

    Overall good concept, that needs some hammering out to be done to become a solid ingame mechanic. Keep up the good work devps, and keep improving the game, cheers.

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    Unregistered Guest
    lol just got hammered in the second battle of the expeditions, only 2 tanks remain intact... If i want to retreat i have to pay 50 cores, 25 per lvl completed...what a joke rofl.

    Oh, and it seems the level of the exp is AGAIN dependant on the fucking liutenant lvl, which is such a bullshit --- gotta play the lvl 40 *hard* expedition with my lvl 30 tanks just cuz my liet is 40+... so c00l

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    Unregistered Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    so c00l
    Glorious long-awaited cUntent update, u welcome :3

    PS: At the 50th level of the general, will I always have the same opponent? I played several times, the same enemy constantly, it's tedious.

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    Unregistered Guest
    OK, I really like this game, but...I hate when devs of simple games change things to make them overcomplicated. Armor Blitz is a FTP-compatible browser game, not an AAA title. I come here to collect waifus and watch H-content, not to get involved in a tedious crafting system. I play various other games where the crafting systems have me about half a step from dropping them...and I've even spent money on those. I like gameplay, not fiddling around trying to build the perfect emblem.

    Aside from that, AB doesn't even have its H-content caught up to where it's supposed to be...why did they waste time working on this crap before finishing their commitment to being featured on Nutaku?

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