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  1. I assume you've bought Chieftain before? cause my lab shows that i've bought Strid, tho i haven't.

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    Huh...I was so excited to see Stridsvagn in there I didn't even notice a second 5*. But I got Zoya the first time around, and coincidentally, I just removed her from the platoon to make room for Strids.

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    Welcome Zoya.

    Nice. Now whom to kick out.... Arty chan.... or Minnie.... Hmmm
    Edit: Minnie it is, I am already bored of this one dimensional tank, who outside of her active does nothing no matter what emblems you use on her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrdin View Post
    I am already bored of this one dimensional tank, who outside of her active does nothing no matter what emblems you use on her.
    Minnie and Zoya are among the few tanks where accuracy and piercing emblems are almost necessary for them to function well. They also fill pretty similar roles, so I can see replacing Minnie with higher regular damage and AoE Zoya.

    Still, that active is great and Minnie's not too costly to deploy. I have a piercing emblem with a high flat damage boost that's about perfect for turning Minnie into a shredder. It'd be cool if you got an after action report to see how much raw/actual damage your tanks put out/soaked up during a fight.

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    Katy or Minnie + dmg buff and active = Any boss dead.

    Not that it matters much. I stopped 99% of levelling at christmas despite being a late starter.
    Simply no content of relevance that makes the time spent worth it.

    Level tanks to get tanks to level to level them for?

    Not to bitch. But content starvation is severe once the story is done and h-content is hyper gated and of subpar quality.
    The games redeeming feature imo is that it is ok to send 10mins in now and then to lane "RTS" a bit.

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    Tomorrow is my last daily log in 5*
    Will max out Zoya affection to see the scene and then drop the game.
    While it was fairly fun for a while, there are some gaping issues, lack of content and extremely small number of events doesn't help either.
    Another problem is there is no fast way to burn your fully maxed oil other than spending 15-20 minutes on running a map over and over again. No 500/1000 mission to do that. To put it simply it became extremely tedious considering you don't always have the time to get it done.

    I managed to get quite nice amount of 5* tank girls, something I do think is great in this game, though it pretty much degrades anything below a 5* into trash, and even some of the 5* who are worse than others. Still I do like the character designs and such, I think they were plenty of cute/adorable/cool and pretty looking ones in the game, from all the tank tiers.

    Anyway, wish you all the best luck for those who are sticking around with this game.

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    Seems like no event for easter either.
    Going to call it too.

    Spent some money on it and ok for the time, so fair enough in that way.
    But there simply isnt anything moving, at all, never was really, like a rocket always and almost ready to blast off, but infinite stuck to the ground.

    (I dont count crafting, it's an adult game, I expect back to back events, sexy babes and loads and loads of them, not more vanilla than vanilla, not wholesome, but sexy)

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    Yea, I ended up dropping the game because it got too time-consumming, not just with oil but also with keeping up with the scouts, of which it was RANDOM how long you could expect them to be out before you have to retrieve them and then that 20% timer for them to come back which may or may not gel with your real life schedule (and that you also have to keep track of, which just got tiring because I'd always have on the back of my mind, "Did I collect my scouts yet?")

    The oil usage got to the point where I was dreading having to log on and see my oil at max because then I'd feel obliged to spend it and that just got tiring day after day. And all for nothing, really, because there just wasn't any point to levelling after a while or even to getting new tanks once you've gotten a full roster. I guess their solution to the latter was these expeditions but that's just more time consumming and didn't really feel very satisfying.

    Oh well, it was fun for a longer while than most browser/mobile games I've played, and at least in this one I didn't find myself hating the developers unlike most games where I end up feeling like they were just trying to fleece me.

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    ANZAC Day event on...not sure we still have anyone who needs the info to get all the rewards, but I can do the rundown if it's needed.

    What I like: not needing RNG currency to get main rewards. It's still there (wreathes), but it's only used for emblems.

    What I dislike: random level Bob Semple for event currency. But it's not a 5*, so I suppose I don't care all that much if I get a lvl 10.

    What I hate with seething rage: emblem template rewards instead of actual emblems. Expedition map invasion tiles have been take it or leave it so far, but now I HAVE to run them to complete the event? Fuck that shit.

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    Wow, that last event tile is a challenge. I've found that for my platoon, I have to charge straight up the middle to clear out that regen crystal and the scorps, and hope the AI sends the first enemies that way too so I don't have to spread out the deathball too early.

    Also for those who 'left' AB, if you're still reading, the patch introduced a checkpoint system for PoC which allows you to skip every five levels (gaining rewards for the skipped levels) up to lvl 20 for a one-time purchase of cores. Lvl 20 costs 500 cores...don't know if the cost is reduced for the lower levels, but I seriously doubt anyone who has cores to burn on this feature would have trouble reaching lvl 20 anyway. It's a step in the right direction, but personally I don't think lvl 20 is worth it...it should be every five levels with no limit, with a currency charge each time for the skip. I get past lvl 35 regularly...I'm not going to somehow whiff it on lvl 25. And then they could see additional core expenditures as people push past each five-level increment. (Also, this should serve as official notice that we should refer to the PoC levels by the actual level number, not the level of the opponents we face.)

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