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    I suppose it was too good to be true...I hit the 'super rare' 5* spot on the wheel today, and it was just an emblem. Happy to have another, but still, what a letdown. Still unconfirmed if there's a chance at a tank in there...has anyone gotten one from it?
    It never gives an 5* tank, it is 5* emblem only. I think the information is somewhere in the instructions. Cannot remember where I read it.

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    Maintenance times in this game really annoy me, especially because of the scouting/resource acquisition system.

    Maintenance is just starting when I get home from work, giving an additional 4 hours of wasted time. (since scouts are likely in need of rescue, and resource pools have long since filled up, and construction is almost certainly done, it's wasted time)

    Then, once the maintenance is over, I still have to wait for the scouts to come back, meaning I have to either stay up late, or write off the entire night for scouting.

    (Note: The scouting system itself sort of annoys me, it seems extremely browser game unfriendly where you have long periods of time where you can't check, and short periods where you can. i.e. I only have about an hour between the time I usually get up and when I leave for work.
    Not enough to recall a tank and send back out, unless I've only slept for 5 hours...)

    The least they could do is automatically send any tank back (with no time delay) if it's in the yellow during maintenance. (and increase how long it takes resource pools to fill, 8 hours is fine for a mobile game where it just has to cover sleep, but for a web game it has to cover at-work time, which is at least 10 hours.)

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    Welcome to my problem I've been having with scouting system. *shrugs* This game is biased in favor of players that can log in at anytime.

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    I'm not sure "biased" is the term I would use. "Designed for" is what I'd go with.

    This was originally (and still is) a SFW mobile game. (that, unfortunately, uses different accounts), they just didn't do a good job of taking into account the difference between mobile functionality and browser. Mobile players pretty much CAN log in at any time.

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    Agree on the scouting. Either remove or shorter the recall time (I could live with a pre-fixed 30 minutes regardless of how long the tank managed to go on), or add autsetting where you as the player can choose when should the tank return
    *For example the options could vary from"
    "When Hits Yellow HP,
    *When Hits Red HP,
    *when at 10% of Health,
    *when at 5% of health,
    heck even at 1% for those people who want to risk it and prolong the gathering a bit more)

    If the tank reaches this point or is downed and cannot continue its recalled back to base automatically.
    This is not a hard mechanic to implement, and I have seen similar things done countless times in other browser games.
    It seems many people palying the PC version have beef with the Scouting (me included) and would like the system reworked in one way or another. This could be one of the ways if they dont wanna reduce/remove the recall time.

    The authors of the game have decided upon a PC port, but so far I have been not impressed with it. To much thinks that are either contraproductive to each other, make little sense, or flat out dont work on this platform.
    If they really want to keep the game going on PC, they need to invest a bit time into it, sit down, read through what people say and start cranking up some adjustments. It has potential but so far that potential has been rather squandered, which is a shame.
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    The solution to the scouting would be to,

    - Immediate return the scout
    - Reduce gains by 20% since there is no longer any travel time.

    But that side steps the actual purpose of it, which is to try and drain cores and perhaps also have people log in all the time.

    The obvious solution to Core part would be to have scouting cost cores as the factory costs resources.

    Just a token price would be needed to make up the same amount that is gained by people paying to avoid the 20% return time. In fact, even a token amount would likely drain a lot more summed up over the total population.

    Which again could be balanced by being more generous with cores in other areas or simply add small events to scouting such as Flower Knight Girls reward or boss map spawn chance when a map is completed. Here simply for a scouting completed.

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    Maintenance could also be enhanced to simply ensure a Scouting bonus spawn, Safe instant return of all scouts (unless the immediate model above is applied) when recalled after a maintenance for the first time etc.

    Which would give people,

    Option a : an extra incentive to log in after maintenance and see what is new.
    Option b : a day without, damn that return time or hm there goes my durability.

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    I also obtained my second 5 * badge from the investigation, I wish you all so lucky.
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    Its getting harder to climb the portal of chaos.... I am at rank 126, but I'm just the 15% of the total players...

    I'd wish if they have left the exp gain from portal as they are (or at least just slightly). There's not much reason to do portal these days except for candies.

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    Managed to get higher in PoC as well, up to L40 with that weird crystal tentacle shrine thing. That one I still cant get through without very good rng (that damn thingy is tanky as fuck and dishes out a lot of aoe damage. Managed to wipe out all his tanks and got 3 of mine hammering it for almost 90% of its health before they got killed by that thing itself).
    Leveling up both the tanks and the emblems over the last months did show some results, so its not all that bad.
    The exp gain nerf from portal is annoying... kinda loosing the incentive to keep the game going. Its almost the end of September and there has been no content patch whatsoever other than few new tanks.

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