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    ...And now after reading some of these my brain fixates on the poor soldier on the side who is pretty much never gonna get any action....fffff...this is why I don't keep guys in my party anymore other than old geezers and dudes I plan to burn for exp, because I actually think about this stuff unintentionally and it just digs into my head and festers until I can't bear to look at any of it...augh...

    Great...can't use any of the scenes as "relief" material anymore because the sob story kicks in instead...had this problem with Dark Blue the Hentai OVA as well because I kept imagining it from the perspective of the guy who dies...ffff...

    Admittedly I think it would be cool in Aigis if like Fire Emblem you could build relationships between the characters and let them go at each other so you could nurture...meaningful moments between a guy and girl in your army...or 2 girls...or 2 guys...or just have at an orgy-fest for fun...possibilities are limitless...

    ...but if that feature were around, you wouldn't get to be the "Do 'em all" protagonist though so I guess you gotta stick it to all the girls and intoxicate the guys' frustrations away instead.

    ...damn...literally daydreaming a story of a soldier being heartbroken...really can't use Aigis for "relief" material anymore...
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    but still, I have to say, it was rather hilarious, and I got a good laugh. even though it's sad for the guys, we're playing as the prince after all.

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    Post Mr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Gets merged into Spica for EXP. Only action he'll ever get.
    Dont want to think about Stray

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    anyone else missing this thread ?

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    Good job, this story is rather old and you don't seem to have followed it up with the further adventures of bronze. Your writing style is good but it would of course be helpful to add artwork if that is possible. You have inspired me and I will take a hand at writing a story.

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