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Thread: Fap CEO

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    I thought it was weird why wrong and right answers gave the same amount of beads? really weird and seems they still didnt fix it.

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    I wonder if all those questions and answers are just 'What we have heard about.' and not necessarily about truths.

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    Well, I DO think that furries are nice people. xD
    Aside from that, there's some... questionable stuff in there, sure. Vibrators can't be addictive, right? Bullsh*t. Everything can be addictive.
    But I'm not playing this game to be educated and I haven't seen anything questionable enough to warrant a ticket. I don't want to instantly shoot down their new idea.

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    Ambiguitys unfortunate effect means that there can be reasonably yes and no answers to some questions.

    Blue balls as an example, does it have actual medical description or is it just sex vernacular slang or something. And which is it more likely that players know about.

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    I'm mostly miffed at them presenting studies with small sample sizes as number facts. In any case, just don't use any of that info in place of, you know, actual sex ed.

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    Well, I guess now we're all starting over from scratch...unless you come here before going to the game, you should all know about ascension. My initial thoughts are that if your company level is close to reaching a multiple of 50, run a few company sales to get to that next 50 before pulling the trigger on your first ascension so you can collect more cosmic shares.

    Might also be a good time to spend the rubies to double your first batch of cosmic shares when you ascend the first time.

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    Ascend... where? What? Why?

    Sooo... yeah, that happened.
    I don't have any release notes. (Yet?) So there's absolutely no information about... anything. What it does, how it works, why I should do that...
    I read through the options 'ascend' presented. They... sound ridiculous? I just don't know if that's in a good or bad way, yet...
    I think, for the time being, I'm more confused than anything else...

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    I'm rushing my company to lv500 and ascending to see what it's all about. Wish me luck in these untested waters!

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    Before ascending, I had all chairs at lv99 and shop multiplier at lv47. I ascended at company lv500 and used 100 rubies to get x2 or 40 Cosmic Shares (CS).

    I used CS to raise shares to +9x and reduce decoration price cut -5%. That turned out to be overkill. At company lv5 I had unlocked all decorations and maxed out most of them.

    The important things to raise are Skip-o-rama and Level-Skip. While Skip-o-rama starts at 25%, it only goes up 3% per level, and the cost increases with each level. When Skip triggers, your company rises Level-Skip number of levels instead of 1, allowing you to not only quickly reach high levels to ascend again, but also to get skill points quickly again. Super important if you want to grind ascension.

    It's going to cost time to get anywhere, and you need to invest that if you want to be ready for the weekly tournament, because you will gimp yourself for some hours after ascending.

    Oh, and an auto clicker absolutely needed to level up those girls over and over and over and over...

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    I just mentioned this on the reddit, but I really feel like the way they implemented this is fundamentally flawed. Because your cosmic shares are based purely on company level, the skips are the only thing you can get with them to make future ascensions more rewarding. Instead it really should have been based on total shares earned in the current ascension, or maybe some combination of that and the company level system it has now.

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