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    In terms of performance Cactus is really really strong.

    A-Tier is definetely appropriate (A+).

    I snagged her myself a few days ago (Rainbow Coins).

    But there is one factor i don't like about her:
    Her voice is horrible in my opinion. She speaks like she is in delirium or something

    They want to change a few VA in the next couple of patches. Cactus VA gets swapped out.
    I don't know how good the next VA will be.

    So be warned if you value a good Voice!!!

    Cactus ORA ORA ORA Onslaugt is flames though

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    Thank you all for the suggestions. I took them into consideration along with a few other possibilities and started arranging teams to the best of my interpretation even though I'm not a huge tactical guy. I realize though I need to beef up a bit more if I want to do better with events like Nidhogg or event whale ship missions (sadly I suck at those it seems). I'll bold the girls that I do not have that I'm considering. As you can guess, I am considering using RCs twice and maybe also the current pick your waifu rainbow ticket deal.

    Team 1 - Crit focused team
    Red Ginger - Anemone - Hollyhock - Dusty Miller- Wolf Berry

    Team 2 - Boss killer team
    Easter Cactus - Japanese Anemone - Cactus - Cherry - Corn Cockle

    Team 3 - Evade/Defense
    Black Baccara - Red Spider Lily - Freesia - Paphopedilum - Alstroemeria (Gratitude)

    Team 4 - Enemy Debuff
    Dancing Lady Orchid (Bride) - Shrine Maiden Red Spider Lily - New Year's Ivy - Scotch Broom - Halloween Daisy

    So I am of course unaware if I am doing overkill on maxing some things, so please let me know if I am. Appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have.
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    About your second team, the synergy seems a bit off.

    I made a list of Boss Killer knights at page 20

    Admittedly few new boss killer girls have been added since then, plus few of those might have gotten buffed, but from my own personal experience its good to have a list in front of you to work with, especially if all the major data about skills and ultimate type is written there.

    Personally - I think replacing Corn Cockle with Pink Ladies would yield more in terms of effectiveness. Cockle chan is great in Crit setup since she gets one for free with beefed up dmg, and afterwards she gets more from her friends. She is a good nuker but you dont usually nuke Bosses. I like her personally but she lacks a permanent Crit after the first turn, even if it was a weaker one (like 10/15%)

    JP Anemone in my oppinion is .... weak. Mostly due to 2 of her 4 skills being 1st turn only. In boss battles you need consistency so ideally avoid 1st turn skill if possible since unless those girls are fully maxed out in everything they will not wipe the Boss in one, nor 2 turns. She is pretty but she doesnt pack that strong of a punch, and her Ult is an AoE which is also not ideal and there are better options.

    Pink Ladies has amazing ultimate that scales with number of enemies so she is always useful, has both Boss killer skills (Boss Fights and VS Boss as I call them). And while her skill act is just 1st turn its higher than usual so you get maximum mileage.
    When I was still thinking about Boss killer team, this was a girl I really wanted to get in.

    Alternatively You might wanna pick up Sakura. She is THE prime Boss Killer in the game. Has higher Ultimate mutliplaier, and a permanent skill act.
    She is very slow though so if its not a static boss fight but a map boss you will need to compensate with other girls.
    But I think she is in the "must have" category if you are going after bosses.

    Cherry is an interesting choice. She has the highest anti boss % damage, but her skill applies only on 3 allies though, which leave 2 charactes unbuffed.

    For new girls which are not on the list I think a worthy mention is Lotus (June Bride)
    She is pretty good as a boss killer since her Ult. is the same as Pink ladies, so she can clear pests with the boss and then burn the boss with much stronger damage.
    She doesnt have skill act, but does have Skill damage, which is good if you get at least 3 skill acts in the team (ideally you want all 4 though in this case). She drops a solid +15% VS Boss and 25% Boss Fight so thats +40%.
    Her defense is low, but HP and Attack are up there and she is of medium speed. Overall I think this version of her is actually better then the old one.

    Camelia Wabisuke is the second new Boss killer but she is an overall weaker version (Its the Kunoichi 6* with the doggo). Has an standard AoE, her dmg buff is under the avarage (18%), and while she has skill act. its only 1st turn. Her boss Killer skills have the 5% less damage.
    She is overall worse in every aspect whem compared to Lotus June Bride.
    Has you wondering how the fuck do they even decide on the stats and skills as clearly there is some serious inconsistencies in between the girls in general. Some are pure power creep (especially visible in Promoted girls) and some come out and are very underwhelming and often even worse then similar girls of that type (the new Summer Squash).

    Trailing abulion is a different Sakura. Very strong etc, but her visuals are shit and overall esthetic is meh. She is strong though so thats the only reason I am mentioning her.

    EDIT: Going through the list some new promo girls are viable as well.
    Pot Marigold is pretty good magic type alternative.
    Dmg buff, Speed buff (+100), Damage buff based on speed, Skill act., Boss Fight 25%, VS Boss 12%

    This is pretty good girl depending on the overall setup of the squad. She would also work well as balancing factor if you go the Sakura route, since she completely nullifies Sakuras low speed.

    There is also Cyclamen Radiant, who has AoE which is meh makes up for it with her kit is purely boss killer themed:
    Skill act, Dmg, Boss 12%, Boss self 20%, Boss Fight 18%, Boss Fight self 25%
    Now depending on whether the skill applies the team buff first and then adds the self buff on top of it, she can up to insane dmg buff vs Bosses.

    **see the pattern ? Most of those are Magic types... thats why its so hard to build well balanced teams. The devs need to stop spamming one arche type girls of the same color and diversify into other ones. Wabisuke would be cool as a Pierce or even Slash, but for a Magic type there is much better competition to choose from. And this goes for all major archetypes. Wish someone pointed this out to the FKD devs.
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    So I looked over the Crit girls once more and adjusted my second team slightly.
    Instead of:
    Dusty Miller basic
    Plumeria Bride (Promo)
    Mei / Ume
    Corn Cockle
    Rainbow Rose (promo)

    S. Pigmy Water Lily 5x2.8... Dmg per type of flower knight up to 3, Weakness to B/P/M, Crit Rate 20%, Crit Dmg 25%
    B. Plumeria Bride 2x3.8... Skill act, Dmg per # enemies, Boss Fight 30% Crit Rate +20% Crit Dmg +25%,
    P. Mei 1x5.4... Dmg, Skill act, Light Gauge, Crit Rate 30%, Crit Dmg 55%
    M. Rianbow Rose 1x4.3-Drain... Dmg 28%, Re-act, Skill act, Crit Rate/Dmg self, Dmg + HPx2 (Kerria)
    S. Dusty Miller 3x1.8... Dmg, Boss 15%, Skill act, Crit Rate 20%, Crit Dmg 40%

    OR intead of DD I could go with
    S. China Root 1x5.4... Dmg 30%, Def/Guts, Super Counter, Crit Rate 30%, Crit Dmg 40%

    This is alternate take on it, since China Root Promoted is a very solid single target damage. Although it is true that Keeping Dusty Miller would still work, she adds a lot to the team. She does deal 3x1.8 and each of those can crit individually plus she brings skill activation as well.

    1 girl of each type, up to 3 making Pigmis buff a 45% dmg. Both RainbRose and ChinaRoot have above avarage buff around 30%.
    The overall Crit Rate is 100% for all > Capped at 80% I believe (laaame), meaning after 1st Turn RainbRose will still have a fully maxe Crit chance.
    The overall Crit Damage is 145% which is not the highest possible but is still above 150% which should equal to a 1.5 damage multiplier (since 100% dmg = multiplying the number by 2 if we count the basic damage as being 1, since you get the basic damage twice. My math is shit though so feel free to correct me. So its 1.5 multiplier on top of the basic damage, or 2.5 if counted with the basic damage).
    RR adds 150% Crit Damage to her self on 1st turn, so thats 305% for her Crit.
    Now add the 0.5 multiplier from Weakness to all types other than Slash.
    *Using Dusty will yield slightly lower stats for Crit Rate but still caping at 80%, but more importantly it would bring 4x skill activation with Pigmy being the only one without it.

    3 of the girls have single target nuke. Two of 5.4, one of 4.3 with Drain. But due to RR adding HPx2 to her damage (Kerria) she gets even stronger damage out than those two.

    Yes there were better choices then Plumeria Bride. But I went with the little bride chan due to her being a Blunt type, and those are rare for Crit.
    But she brings additional 30% for Boss fights so she makes up for her weaker Crit DMG % with this.

    Granted.... I could go with 3 Rainbow Roses but.... naaah man, naah Plus I like to have one of each type so nah.

    So yeah, this team feels much much more powerful than the one before. But requires me to get another big batch of Rainbow shards for China Root Promotion. Whereas I can always use my Rainbow Coins or another ticket to pick up Dusty at any time. Personally I like this setup with Dusty added to the mix. Plenty of damage, good skill act and consistent crit rate.
    However looking at it now I think Chinese lantern would be cool combo with Anewaifu since both of them are Counter/Crit girls. Thoughts ?

    (dont wanna hijack Ninjaxs question, so please take his comments priority before mine.)
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    I like the composition.
    I would still go with Dusty Miller over China Root cause ultimately they do the same Skill damage but Dusty has Skill Act. which buffs your damage consistency of your whole team.

    On the other hand China Root's Counter could be nice for inflicting damage on enemy phase with her Counter (I think that was your intention,right? )
    (Keep in mind on harder maps China Root might not be able to fire of her counter that often before she dies)

    Yeah they both work. It depends what your personal preference is.

    Btw. You can't have three Rainbow Roses in one team.
    The game doesn't allow that. You can only have the same girl in three different Squads.

    I will write a few suggestions soon

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    Making those teams I considered all girls you currently have in your possession, your waifu preferations and Synergy.

    First Turn Crit Team:
    Wolf Berry
    Dusty Miller

    I put Alstromeria in that team cause she is clearly a Crit Girl and don't really fit in another Archetype. I am personally not really a huge fan of her cause it's difficult to get Equipment Slots and Skill Flowers for her. If you have a good 5* Crit Girl with full unlocked Equipment Slots and max. Skill Level you could put her in the team instead.

    Debuff Team:
    New Year Ivy
    Foxy (miko)
    Cherry/Snowdrop (New!)
    Red Ginger

    It's a Debuff Team featuring Red Ginger as a Life Leecher. Either you go with Cherry for Boss Damage which also works wonders in Debuff Teams cause they survive much longer than most other teams and can capitalize on Boss Damage much more or you go with Snowdrop for all Damage types in one Team and her best Ability (Increases Attack for party members by 30% at the end of your turn (Up to 60%).

    Black Baccara
    Easter Cactus

    I put Easter Cactus in that team cause she is able to revive your fallen Evade Girls which draws out the battle even more and annoys opposing pests.

    Boss Killer:
    Japanese Anemone
    Scotch Broom
    Pink Ladies (New!)
    Daisy Halloween
    Sakura (New!)

    Make sure to put the Boss Killer Team in fourth place cause of Scotch Brooms "Boost Ability".
    Hopefully you have gathered quite a few SolarCrystals so you can fire of a Solarblast with that team and buff the teams atk by 60%.
    Also Scotch Broom's and Daisy's speed negate the Speed issue Sakura has

    That's how i would build your teams considering the girls you already have.

    Maybe you like it.
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    Appreciate the suggestions so far, but I'm curious as to about Cactus. She got very high praise in the 6* thread, but not really seeing her recommended for the teams here. Any particular reason for that? Does she just not synergize well enough with what I have?
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    Cactus is a Top Tier Crit Girl. However there is a Problem. Your current Crit Girls miss Skill.Act.
    The only Crit Girl with Skill. Act you currently have is Dusty (Hollyhock only first turn).

    Lets say you include Cactus in your First Turn Crit Team:
    Hollyhock, Wolf Berry, Dusty, Anemone, Cactus.

    Skill Act. Skill Level 1:
    Hollyhock 53,45 %
    Wolf Berry 53,45 %
    Dusty 47,52 %
    Anemone 47,52 %
    Cactus 71,28 %

    Skill Act. Skill Level 5:
    Hollyhock 73,26 %
    Wolf Berry 73,26 %
    Dusty 67,32 %
    Anemone 67,32 %
    Cactus 91.08 %

    Excect for Cactus all other girls don't come close to 100% Act. Rate on the first turn. Not even Skill Level 5.
    That's the reason i didn't suggest Cactus for your Crit Team.

    You could swap Pink Ladies for Cactus in your Boss Damage Team cause you already have a First Turn Girl in Japanese Anemone anyway.
    But keep in mind Cactus will only fully reach her potential in a Crit Team.

    Second Reason i didn't suggest Cactus for your Crit Team:
    Since we all get a free Crit Rainbow due to the Mobile Campaign i didn't suggest her.

    Ultimately it's your decision,bud

    Cactus is a Top Tier Girl. No doubt about it.
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    @Wutan Isn't the new girl have only crit act? Personally I don't recommend using her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by game2534 View Post
    @Wutan Isn't the new girl have only crit act? Personally I don't recommend using her.
    She has both critical rate + critical damage up.

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