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    Boobs in the City (APK Mobile, English, Chinese, French) - Free to Play


    An exciting hentai shooting game on android.
    Join Boobs In The City and meet your water pistol girl!

    Boobs in the City (APK Mobile, English, Chinese, French) - Free to Play-link_960x640_inter_bitc.jpg

    Story: The girls’ water pistol competition has become the world’s
    most thrilling new sport, every girl dreams of being part of the water
    pistol competition and becoming the very best!
    You, as coach of a newly founded team, are going to train various
    girls and make their dreams come true. From a professional dancer
    to a part-time maid; from slender to curvy, you are going to teach
    them more than water-pistol skills. You are going to have
    relationships with the girls, date them, and they will take care of
    your “water pistol”.

    Experience an exciting online competition with girls!
    Training girls with your “water gun” in a 3D design!
    Hentai sex scenes
    Date girls and get them addicted to “you”.

    Link : https://erogames.com/en/games/boobs-in-the-city?tc1=hbc (disabled your adblokc if you don't see the link)
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    Kuko rd

    Hola soy nuevo pero porque no actualizan el juego porfa

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