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    One obvious choice.

    Someone based on ladybeard from ladybaby. It is the only real option.

    Youtube it.

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    Forms Dragon Ball,Naruto,Fairy Tail,Bleach,One Piece,Pokemon

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    I want more divercity. We got mostly big-breasted western girls. Orcs, demons and gyarus was a good addition.
    So why not more small-tits? Color ones? Furries (Don't like them, but why not. And thery was Holy Gadged, after all.)? Gnones? Monstergirls?
    Even oozes can be tamed by the Magic Wand of the Hero.

    So the only restrictions here is an international laws and males.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Someone based on ladybeard from ladybaby. It is the only real option.

    Youtube it.
    Conchita Wurst in that case.
    Ladybeard is too great man to became a simple harem slave.

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    Red face My choices

    I would like to see Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate specifically from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, Lucina, Tiki, Nowi, Naga, Elise, Camila, Edelguard and a lot of girls from from the Fire Emblem series... so much untapped potential there, as well as Bloom and Flora from the Winx Club series. I would love to see any of the girls from those series but I really want those specific girls in this game.

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    Pues hay muchas opciones, por ejemplo de Yu-Gi-Oh! No hay casi ninguna cuando Tea o Alexis son grandes opciones, también tenemos a Chun lo de la saga de Street Fighter o a Etna del videojuego de Disgaea pero sin duda hacen falta mas chicas basadas en caricaturas ya que creo que no soy el único al que le gustaría ver a la Mamá de Dexter o a Jessica Rabbit.

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    More minor characters from series like Naruto/Bleach/Fairy Tail.

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    Sword Art Online

    Asuna, Sinon, Leafa, Yui, the list goes on.

    Also, Castlevania (Netflix show). The female vampires especially.

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    Asuna, Suguha/Leafa, Sinon, and Llenn are already in the game.

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    In the game theirs actually a girl called Athy and she has dark blue hair and she is in the pachinko.
    I don't know if anyone knows that.

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