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    Cleaned union from inactives!

    Union Name: Silhouette
    Members: 25/30
    Leader: KitsuneHime (ID: 8315765)

    Guardians: all level 5
    Burst Times: 7:00-8:00 ; 20:00-21:00

    We're a pretty chill union that takes things at our pace, but we still get things done! We aren't super competitive, but we like doing our best and getting all the important rewards (which we always do). So if you're a chill player but still want to be able to play well, join us!

    - NO LEVEL REQUIREMENTS; just be active especially during union events!
    - I expel members who are inactive for a month

    Discord: Highly encouraged for easier conversations with one another

    Other facts:
    - most of our members are rank 60-80+, but we also have members who are 30-40.
    - A lot of us are water/dark/light main. Others are all rounders.
    - We were around the 50-70 rank on both expert and ultimate during the union event, if I recall correctly.

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    Recruitment for the next union event

    Union Name: V(^^)W EU
    leader IGN ID: Warped 25620
    *Spaces Left: 4
    *Additional Requirements: 40+, more importantly, be active
    *No. of Members: 26/30
    *Burst Times: 11:00-12:00 and 23:00-24:00
    *Guardian Level/Rank/Name: all at 5
    Discord: discord.gg/wejTb8a

    Hello, we cleaned up after the last union event and are now recruiting for the next. rank 40+ players are preferred, but more importantly, be active and come say hi on the discord channel. We have a core of pretty active players who are based worldwide and got some decent result on the last event. We hope to do far better on the next one.
    Kamihime Project R - Union Recruitment Thread-.jpg
    Please go bother our union leader Warped if you wish to join ^^
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    Union Name: LuckySeven
    IGN ID: Leader(SamZ): 1475068 | SubLeader(Me): 2403769 | SubLeader(Cheat22): 2528210
    *Spaces Left: 2
    *Additional Requirements: Looking for active members - and I mean, active to contribute to Union events as much as possible. We do not demand much regarding level, but be certain that as we are pretty high level players, we are more inclined to accept others like us.
    We placed amongst the 30s for Expert kills and 40s for Ultimate. That was done without most of our members pushing through. That's not even our final form yet, beware.
    *No. of Members: 28
    *Burst Times: 13:00 - 14:00 / 18:00 - 19:00 (server time)
    *Guardian Level/Rank/Name: All guardians at max level.

    We have a discord server that we use to chat, get organized and deal with almost everything possible. Feel free to hop in as long as you are interested in joining. :} ---- discord.gg/yNJBaTj
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    Unregistered Guest
    Looking for a union, been jumping between unions but none of them have been active (months).
    Always carried despite my low level, looking for stronger members I can rely on.

    Rank: 42
    IGN ID: 6024687
    *Power ATK: 21302
    *Preferred Team: None.
    *Preferred Burst Times: I'm in MT.
    *Comment: 2 SSR Kamihimes, 2 SSR Eidolons. Although they're kinda low level (sorry)
    I can be inactive at times, due to uni and just real life things.
    Probably no more than a week.

  5. Looking for a union for next event..

    I just played again after 9 month offline. (

    Rank: 74
    IGN ID: 2741253
    Power ATK : 35845
    Preferred Team: Water - Fire - Wind
    Preferred Burst Times: No acquired!!!!
    Comment: I will online everyday.

    * - optional
    My English is bad, so please remind me if you can.

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    Planet namex

    Looking For Active player

    Currently Full!

    Last Union Event
    EX Result
    Kamihime Project R - Union Recruitment Thread-rex.png

    ULT Result
    Kamihime Project R - Union Recruitment Thread-rult1.png

    Union Name : Damegami
    IGN ID : 303269 Our Leader Toothless
    IGN ID : 586089 Me as a sub Leader (contact me)

    Spaces Left : 0
    Additional Requirements : Just need to be active n join discord
    No. of Members : 30/30
    Burst Times: 15:00 - 16:00 n 17:00 - 18:00 game/server time
    Guardian Level/Rank/Name : All Max

    Our rule is simple :
    - 7 days inactivity without explanation = kick
    - Be active when union event

    if u willing to join please contact me n join our discord
    Please join discord so we can manage event better, n if u guys need help, it would be easy to talk on discord.
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    Discord Union Link : https://discord.gg/chQDEaM
    Kamihime ID : 606897

    Other Game :
    Girl Frontline ID : 32404
    Azur Lane ID/Name : 67121472/eMueRu (Avrora)

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    Items User Name Style Change
Gift received at 10-19-2017 from Kitty
Message: my baka!!! it's...for you....! 
not that i wanted to do it for you or anything....buy i happened to buy 2 so......blah!!!!
    Union Name: NooBreaker
    IGN ID: 201799
    *Spaces Left: 1
    *Additional Requirements: level 70+, be active during events
    *No. of Members: 29/30
    *Burst Times: 7:00-8:00, 11:00-12:00 (game time)
    *Guardian Level/Rank/Name: all maxed
    *we have discord

    We're searching for a new memeber to get ready for the upcoming union event.
    we were rank 4 in expert and 20 in ultimate (sadly, more members were busy during ultimate farming day)
    if you're interested, either sent me a message here in PM or in game.
    my main eidolon [last update July 13th]

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    Looking to join a union for the next union event? If you are looking for a top 40 union then look no further

    Union Name: KishinoKai
    IGN ID: nervehammer - 1218307
    *Spaces Left: 4
    *Additional Requirements: Preferably level 70 or higher since most of our members are 70 or higher (Minimum level of Rank 60)
    *No. of Members: 29
    *Burst Times: 12 00 - 13 00 and 19 00 - 20 00
    *Guardian Level/Rank/Name: All Guardians maxed out.

    We also have a Discord server which is a requirement for joining.

    As long as you are active in the game, you will be welcomed with open arms.

    90% of our union is rank 70 or higher.
    Our union placed Top 40 in the Ultimate kills with a total of 150 kills in a single day.

    If you’re interested, reply to this message or send me a PM and we can talk about the details.

    These are our results from the last event

    Ultimate Kill Score
    Attachment 10474

    Expert Kill Score
    Attachment 10475

    Wind Rematch Total PP:
    Attachment 10476

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    We have 4 space left for new members. Please check my signature for union detail. Send me message or request in game to me (ID 37443) if interested.
    IGN ID: 37443
    Multi SSR on most elements except dark.

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    Cool Looking to home Degenerates.

    Degenerate will have places open after the event. We are a community of friends who are active on Discord - so Discord is a must in order to get involved and make friends, we also talk in voice chat if that is something you like to do too (not a requirement)

    IGN ID:5427666
    Spaces Left: 4
    Burst Times: 8am-9am, 3pm - 4pm (PDT / UTC-7)
    Guardian Level/Rank/Name: All guardians level 5

    About Degenerate:

    Degenerate has a very active Discord and is a community of friends. We are active in events, however, look to put aside one or two days for full on raiding (this is to be chilled and still complete everything and be placed high in the ranks). Discord has plenty of NSFW channels, bots, anime, website sharing, and plenty more. We have games and competitions + will be adding more stuff soon. Feel free to join our Discord and have a look around!

    Kamihime Project R - Union Recruitment Thread-ex.png || Kamihime Project R - Union Recruitment Thread-ult.png

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