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    Hyperions looking for new members to join us for the upcoming Seraph Union Event. currently we have 12 slots available.
    Whether you are new, old veteran or need a temporary Union for the event, come join us. We always go for getting all the subjugation rewards every event.

    Union name: Hyperions
    Union ID: 61114
    Leader: RohtangPrime
    Burst time: 6am-7am, 7pm-8pm server time / 0600-0700, 1900-2000
    Guardians all maxed

    We also have Discord channel which is our prefered chatting/communication channel. Link is posted at our Union intro.

    Just apply directly at Union page in game and I'll approve ASAP.

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    Ixion has 1~2 spots to fill.

    - top 5 union (most top 5 ult finishes of any union in the game)
    - super active in end-game raids (rags/guards)
    - knowledgeable vets, active discord, yada yada yada

    DM me on Discord, if interested in joining & you think you have what it takes:
    ✦ Union Leader of Ixion (Kamihime Game ID#: 1318886 | Discord ID: VeryVoodoo#0081)
    ✦ Recruiting Active/Strong Players - Apply on Discord:

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    Join Date
    Jul 2018
    Union Name: V(^^)W EU
    leader IGN ID: Torkov #28998
    *Spaces Left: 5
    *Additional Requirements: be active, especially on Union Event.
    *No. of Members: 25/30
    *Burst Times: variable according on the day and poll.
    *Guardian Level/Rank/Name: all at 5
    We recruit rank 70+ players, come say hi on the discord channel. We have a core of pretty active players who are based worldwide and got some decent result on the UE event. We are constantly top 30 in the past UE events on both expert and Ultimate, despite being understaffed. Come help us reach top 15.
    Kamihime ID: 28998 // Union ID: v(^^)w EU // #2112 // Discord:

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    Glitter is looking for new members
    *Union ID: 77734
    *Leader: Ty - 8402532

    We are a beginner friendly union that is also rank competitive (UE top 50-ish).

    Looking for active players that are interested in improving.

    Burst Times: 19:00 - 21:00

    No rank prerequisites as long as you are willing to put in the time
    If interested, join:

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    Rank: 114
    IGN ID: 2977509 Wolfchot
    *Power ATK: 53500
    *Preferred Team: Dark
    *Preferred Burst Times: after 12:00
    Looking for an active union doing events/rags

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    New yet smol but active union seeking for a friends!

    Union Name: Nameless
    IGN ID: 84736
    *Spaces Left: 16
    *Additional Requirements: be active, especially on Union Event.
    *No. of Members: 14/30
    *Burst Times: 9.00-10.00, 22.00-23.00
    *Guardian Level/Rank/Name: Water 4; Fire 2; Thunder, Wind 1

    We are looking for active players who striving to improve themselves. No rank requirements as long as you are active.

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    Join Date
    Jun 2018
    Rank: 132
    ID: 2379989
    *Power ATK: 64600
    *Preferred team: Water
    *Preferred burst times: Any
    Looking for active union

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    Susurrus is looking for new members!

    If you are looking for a friendly group of bakas to
    - discuss about the game (and other things)
    - farm disaster raids with
    - compete for UE ranking (top 5-15)
    - get exclusive early access to K's LN
    - and in general make the daily grind more enjoyable

    then drop by our discord:

    - activity in discord and ingame
    - motivation to improve

    Newer players are welcome if enough time and motivation is available, you should have at least one decent team though to able to contribute to fights.
    Hope to hear from you!

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    Looking for active union
    Rank: 73
    ID: 7387001
    *Power ATK: 42000
    *Preferred team: Water
    *Preferred burst times: Any

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    Coming back from a break and looking for an active union!

    Rank: 99
    IGN ID: mirai / 7160426
    Power ATK (next to rank): 47356
    Preferred Team: Water

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