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    HP analyzer doesn't work for me, I play on Chrome

    It looks like sometimes it loses focus, when using more than one window. But it happens at random. All in all great program, helps a lot! Looking forward for new features
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    Thank you for letting me know about it.

    AbilityTimer detects the game window by searching the upper left frame.
    for that reason, it will not work when upper left is hidden.

    Could you try to use an application AbilityTimer which is created by me?-upperleftpattern.png

    If it still does not work, please tell me the following information.
    * Your OS version (Win 7/8/10 Home / Pro)
    * Your Chrome version
    * Quest (VS Typhon, Gem Quest, etc.)

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    I like to keep my window as small as possible, I've must coverd that frame, hence the issue. Thanks for explenation!

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    Updated. (Only bug fixes)

    version 0.63 -> 0.64

    * The appearance when displaying the Exp required by the accessory has been improved.
    * Flicker on HP percentage displaying has been reduced.

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    Could you try to use an application AbilityTimer which is created by me?-acceexpcalc.png

    version 0.64 -> 0.65

    * The accessory Exp calculator was implemented.

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    That's what I was hoping for! Great work.

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    Your feedback is very encouraging to me. Thanks.
    The number of consumption items can be manipulated by the mouse wheel, so please try it.

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    Autoupdates possible directly from client? That could help a lot with new versions.

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    AbilityTimer does not have automatic update function.
    I think that it is technically possible, but since I am not famous free software maker, it may not be trusted by users if it does automatic communication.

    However, it is inconvenient to download large files each time.
    I can not make a promise, but I will make some improvement on distribution.
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    Version 0.66: SSR accsessory displayed as RCould you try to use an application AbilityTimer which is created by me?-przechwytywanie.png

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