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    New DMM player asking for advice

    Hi everyone!
    I just started playing the DMM version and made a couple accounts hoping to summon some good units with the first crystals (hoping to pull Deine, who is my favourite ).
    I got this black units:
    New DMM player asking for advice-senza-titolo-1.jpg

    I don't understand japanese, and i couldn't find much about them but thanks to google translate and a little research i got a basic understanding of what they do. They are all on different accounts and i can't figure out which one to play.

    Is there someone kind enough to tell me more about them and what you think is the most useful/powerful? Or should i try more hoping to find a better unit? (Deine maybe?)

    thank you very much! :-)

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    Gellius is a better tank then deine.

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    My recent DMM start was with Altair and it has been so smooth. I recommend rolling with that one. She is the black soldier, gives +1 block and doubles defense and unit points/second over 15-20 seconds while reflecting damage instead of attacking.

    This is one of the japanese wikis, use chrome or google translate.

    The shaman has a +7% attack passive, she is also really good.
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    You might as well skip rolling for specific blacks. Deine isn't really considered the best one anyways. Gellius beats her in high end tanking and if you need damage coupled with tanking ability Dina is a better choice.

    That said, all the blacks you got are really nice. If i were you i would probably have stopped at the first black before it would become such a painful decision.

    I vote for Kayou simply because she is a fox girl. Fox girls are love, fox girls are life!

    My own preferences aside, here's the ranking list of the blacks http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.p...426#post716426
    Cornelia, Altair and Kayou are considered high tier and Kikyou low tier. You can read explanations on why they are placed in those tiers too.
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    I'd want kikyo on dmm if only for drop rate+ and attack buff though.

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    This guy is getting so many black and i am struck with silvers and gold...
    the vets tell you the ranking based on skill...
    but i like the shaman the most...she is so cuuttteeee....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirito Rick View Post
    This guy is getting so many black and i am struck with silvers and gold...
    the vets tell you the ranking based on skill...
    but i like the shaman the most...she is so cuuttteeee....
    Many Black yes
    Different account though

    That's why he is now confused to choose , lol

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    Thank you all for your replies!
    You' ve been really helpful

    I think i'll try Altair in the end...after all i think a soldier will be useful in a lot of situations.
    probably gonna give a try to the shaman too.


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    Hi, don't really want to make another "I'm new to DMM Aigis, send help" thread so I hope I can just ask some questions in this one.

    Long story short, I played DMM Aigis very briefly a long time ago and stopped because I was too much of a shitlord to get past the anti-gaijin thing. Fast forward ~18 months and here I am again. Logged in and for I had like 90 SC and blew it all off on premium summons. Then using these new shiny units, I plowed through some starter missions and spent 10 more SC on 1 summon and 20 inventory spaces, so I could get the Stamp Card bonus for the month after (probably a bad decision to waste all that SC as a f2p, but the temptation to roll was just too much). This is what I have so far:

    New DMM player asking for advice-v2vkxrp.jpg
    New DMM player asking for advice-fwghfvm.jpg

    Not included are two more Rainbow Fairies, a Rainbow Fairy with blue hair instead of pink, a Spirit of Awakening, and 3 Plat Armors.

    My question is whether these units are ok to start out with, or should I try rerolling for another Black? I read the other thread discussing Mage Armors and think she shouldn't be too bad, right?

    Besides this, right now I am up to Return to Ruins and just using that to farm up Katie and Alissa for awhile and then Iris but who should I take into priority consideration for leveling afterwards? I know HAT is the general rule, but there are so many hybrid classes that can do more than one thing at once that I'm not sure if I should just stick to leveling Silver common archetype units or if I should pay more attention to the golds/plats I have on hand?

    Also, are there any early-game goals I should be pushing for in the DMM version that don't exist in the Nutaku version? I know reading the JP Wiki would probably answer a lot of my questions but I really dislike reading machine TLs like Google Translate. Hoping a veteran wouldn't mind helping me out here, or linking me to an English guide/FAQ of sorts.

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    You could try rolling for Aisha. As you probably know, she's the most broken unit in the game. She's the only black featured in one of the banners, so now would be an ideal time going for her. Whether it's worth the effort and missing out on some of the stuff that accumulated on your account (including the "rainbow fairy with blue hair" which is a time fairy by the way and reduces the cost of a unit by 1 guaranteed) is up to you.

    If you decide to stick with your account, the leveling priority doesn't change much. You can use Grace as your main tank. Leona (plat rearguard tactician) is very useful and should be leveled early. Once you raised a solid core team you can level Sabine (plat rune fencer) so you have a decent melee support. The other units are fairly niche, so you can ignore them for now.

    Early game goals are the same. Aim for H dailies and get to Oasis and then to BS2 ASAP.

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