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    the advertisement is done, it became interesting, and when there appeared an additional point in the free point (15 points) I decided to play.
    DESTINY CHILD for PC-img_sec05_01_01_pic.png
    Original story, characters and monsters. An interesting system for upgrading personalities, guns and objects. Pajamas adds health and scarf protection, the newspaper as a weapon, as if it were not funny.
    The interface is simple, everything is clear even without translation. The meaning of the game is not particularly understandable, except as a soft-spoken girl to any fetish.
    I play it for the point, the game itself seems empty, if only for beautiful pictures of girls, for personal fetish. As for me it is a purely mobile game for killing time.
    With the drawing in some places overdone. Too detailed, it's for 4K only.
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  2. English patch for PC version when
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    Still wudnt play
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