3,000 gold prize pool

3,000 gold prize pool

Raffle Info


  • 1.   1,000 Nutaku gold balance

  • 2.   1,000 Nutaku gold balance

  • 3.   1,000 Nutaku gold balance

Important note for participants, please read THIS POST

Prize Sponsor: HBC Administration
Prize: 1,000 Nutaku gold balance
Recurrence: Weekly
Duration: 3 days, beginning on Sunday
Entry cost: 2 credits per ticket
Entry limit: 10 per user.
Winners: 3
Winners are chosen by a random draw on Wednesday afternoon.
Questions thread: HERE

Participation requirements:
-Have a forum account
-Have earned credits from posting activity within HBC forums
-Have a Nutaku account

How to enter:
-Entry only possible after start date has passed
-Click the link in the main area above to buy a ticket. It will show up in the large blank space above the "Rules" tab, underneath "Your Entries" count
-One entry may be purchased per minute

How to claim prizes:
-Winners will receive a PM informing them of the prize.
-Prize may be claimed by replying to the PM with a Nutaku ID and account name.
-Time to receive prize will be subject to processing time.
-7 day limit before prize expires. Please be sure to claim it on time.