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    Hmm, well I guess I can try rerolling some new accounts for Aisha during the wait time before I can do things on my main. Also, I was afraid that most of the units I rolled would end up niche/impractical, so should I just stick to leveling core common silver units and such? I was hoping that I'd have a unit that could replace some of the more common roles.

    In any case, thank you for the advice!

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    Yes, I think so. I guess having Grace also means you aren't as reliant on mages, so you can probably just go with only 1 mage for the time being. Leona deals pretty high physical damage, just keep in mind that her range is considerably shorter than archers. Also I just realized you don't have Bashira since it's an old acc, right? That's pretty bad.

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    Yeah, and I see that DMM actually rotates its TP because Spica isn't in here as well. Guess I'll have to make do with Silver archers or other substitutes...

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    Gellius is a better tank then deine.

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