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    Congrats for these good rolls.

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    Name: maotd (both versions)
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    Title: I've raised her

    Trailing Abutilon: You've been playing around here, right?
    Delphinium: <Heh-he~> Yup! I've been teaching Buttercup how to handle the ball~!!
    Buttercup: <She wasn't teaching me!!!>
    Delphinium: My meeting with Buttercup was very sudden...!! She became the apprentice of little Del*, who was called the best-of-the-best ace player... Then our hellish training while aiming for the victory...
    Buttercup: You're making that up!! Since Delphi really wanted to, I've let you try it out!!
    Delphinium: Wrong, wrong!!
    Delphinium: I'm the one
    Delphinium: who raised Butterup!!
    Trailing Abutilon: Is that so... It looks like the window was smashed with your ball... I wonder, what kind of education did you give her?
    Delphinium: <Eh!?> In that case, I did not raise her!!
    Buttercup: <Ah...> Now that I think about it, I've been raised by Delphi!!

    * About herself

    Name: Volarmis
    DMM ID: 317568967
    Nutaku ID: 736590725 (inactive)

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    no words, just super.

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    Title: Latte art

    Rough Potato: Ta-dah!
    Rough Potato: I've made latte art of Kesaran and Pasaran!
    Trailing Abutilon: Awesome... It looks like the real thing, doesn't it?
    Rough Potato: <Fufufu~>
    Rough Potato: Truth to be told, they are the real thing!!
    Trailing Abutilon: <puha-> Thank you for the meal
    Rough Potato: EH!!?
    Rough Potato: Can't be...
    Rough Potato: Because of my prank...
    Trailing Abutilon: My prank was over the top <Sorry>

    Name: Volarmis
    DMM ID: 317568967
    Nutaku ID: 736590725 (inactive)

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    first time get 4★
    DMM Thread (Spoiler Warning)-fmm.jpg

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