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    OK, so it's called Law of luring player to spend gems A.K.A. Trap.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vise View Post
    Ugh...im back to this game.
    Lately been busy with new mobile game "Princess Connect re-dive"
    I cant play 3 games in same day so i sacrified FKG, my top priority still FGO tho.
    You still do daily login, so I'm ok.
    Have a safe trip in Pri-connect Vise.

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    I fell in the trap

    At least I got 22 Rainbow Shard and 2 Rainbow medals. Even if a wanted a waterlily or a dupe Anemone. I don't use Echinacea so... meh.

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    Title: Slippers of fascination

    Dendrobium: Welcome, make yourself at home!
    Paphiopedilum: Sure
    Dendrobium: Paphiopedilum, grab some slippers as well
    Paphiopedilum: <!!>
    Paphiopedilum: <What's with those slippers Dendrobium is wearing... cu... CUTE...!!>
    <doki doki doki>
    Paphiopedilum: <I wonder if I can somehow naturally get to wear that exact pair...>
    Paphiopedilum: Dendrobium... Can we once again start over from the moment we enter the house?
    Dendrobium: Umm, what?

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