yeah I got lazy sick or playing Kyonyuu Fantasy

shit I miss 2 events not one LOL

aaah fuk missed Maple, Sakura, and Chuni gurl swimsuit

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Title: The way to cure a brain freeze

Sakura: Mmm~ Shaved ice is totally delicious, but it's easy to get a brain freeze~
Ume: Fufu... That's right...
Sakura: When you have a brain freeze, holding the shaved ice against your forehead is supposed to cure it~ <attaches>
Ume: I wonder...
<Ume: It really makes the headache go away...>
<Sakura: That's wonderful~>
Ivy: <Tha... That is...>
Ivy: <The third eye pose!?>
<Ivy: Why are those two!!?>

awwww man they should dun it like dis LOL