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    The new FM is good too. I didn't have many gems, but I used them made sure I got a copy.
    Imagine having three of those maxed out for multiple maxed out solar blasts as long as you kept your skill act up

    [Chat Chit] DMM FKG-fm.png
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    Mmh. Well. I really love that new button:
    [Chat Chit] DMM FKG-button.jpg
    It's both so satisfaying to see all the girls' buffs and usefull to know exactly all the enemies buffs. We just need a way to se the enemies stats now.

    Also, Pink Miko is awesome to deal with this entire insane bonus mission. Obviously she can even handle the boss alone as long as she uses her skill for HP drain. Easter Isogiku is nice too with her super extra++ over 9000 buffed HP.
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