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    AHHH thanks Kurenai, and so there's my "healing" idea out of the window. Not gonna lie, that Easter Cactus is looking pretty darn good. And so here's my updated list of possible candidates; I can only pick ONE, too bad x_x :

    Nightmaher (Counter support, Safforn tier girl)
    Easter Cactus (Healing support)
    H. Peony Halloween (Crit + ATK Buff + Debuff)
    Tall Stewertia Christmas (Crit support, 150% cit dmg to self AND small buff to team, and 40% react)
    Cactus (Crit buff and a huge 60% React chance)

    So I dunno, I currently have a base/foundation for my Debuff and Counter team. Perhaps I should continue building on those teams? OR, start building a crit / react team...? Which ONE girl would have the most impact in a team? Other girl suggestions are welcome too

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    I went checking your other posts in this thread so I may resonate others' points (for whatever reason, the forum's search function doesn't work, I can't even find shit). Focus on 2 abilities at most (forget ATK buffs, they're everywhere; 99% of rainbows should have them), take it easy, always work with what you got right now and finish one lineup at a time.

    You may go in the direction of a "hard" counter lineup, seeing you have the best counterpuncher in Saffron and another counter in Apple (Tanabata). There's just something with Nightmaher that doesn't really click with me though (aside from her D-class stats, lack of Super Counter, no defensive buffs). Saffron gets the tank role which means Maher will only duplicate her in the same party. Easter Cactus is intriguing here. She can't support them with defensive buffs, but because "hard" counter lineups will rely on taking hits / getting hit (and consequently die faster), her ability to revive them (to 50% HP) for extra rounds of counters especially merits her use in this lineup than in other lineups. Finalize that by adding defensive support from Helenium and Anemone, the latter acting as a "finisher" with a single-target or triple-hit skill.

    Getting Cactus entails committing into bringing in critical rate+critical damage+activation boosters for her as I consider her a core unit for a crit-oriented lineup, but because you already have Dusty Christmas who works best on T1 (x1.65 activation up + 100% crit during T1), adding Hollyhock and her x1.65 with CR/CD boosts is a good option for a x3.30 activation boost, making sure Dusty's skill triggers at the start where it's most deadly.

    If you're still looking to complete that Kerria debuff/activation lineup, better grab Mizugi Epidendrum if you haven't.

    I try not to impose my suggestion though because there are other factors out of my control (e.g. visual aspect, waifu preference). Ultimately, it's your decision to make, sooo......

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    Ok thanks Kurenai, that helped me a lot. I think I might go with E. Cactus / Phoenix-chan this time around; after clearing up my misconception that other girls like Soapwort and other's healing ONLY applies to herself, Phoenix-chan looks very viable, and I can test her in many set-ups (well, I don't have that many rainbows, but it'd be fun to play around)...and seeing how she is only one that heals multiple girls w/o need of promo abilities, 'cuz I do need my provoc. on Safforn, etc...

    And also, on the note of healing, what about Soapwort in counter team as extra healer? She also has super counter. Safforn w/ provoke, Soapwort as healing, and 3 other girls add promo. healing ability, so they also get healing boost when Soapy gets it? Does that even make sense, and how's it for an idea? Something like...

    Safforn w/ provoke
    Soapwort (Super counter / 40% chance to heal 25%)
    Counter Girl (i.e. Apple Tanabata) w/ added healing promo ability
    Another Counter Girl w/ added healing promo ability
    #5 maybe...Easter Cactus for extra healing shenanigans

    Ofc we'd have to sacrifice "Depend Rate up" for the Healing Boost promo. ability, so not sure if this kind of substitute would be worth considering?

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    Sadly Promotion Ability "Healing Boost" doesn't work like that.

    That's basically what it does (Description from the Wiki):
    Healing Boost
    Battle skills and panels heal more for oneself, and you can heal beyond your max HP to a certain point.
    400 Life Crystals
    25% more healing, Heals to 105% of max HP

    Basically you will only want to use this Ability on girls like Kerria who have a Life Leeching Ultimate.
    Besides that Easter Cactus works well in attrition based archetypes like Counter/Debuff.
    Overall you can't go wrong purchasing her.

    For your Team i would go with more Skill.Act Countergirls cause Apple (Tanabata) has 50 % Double Strike Chance. You want as much Skill Act. for her as possible.

    I personally would suggest something like this:
    http://flowerknight.wikia.com/wiki/Habranthus or http://flowerknight.wikia.com/wiki/Apricot
    http://flowerknight.wikia.com/wiki/Nightmaher_(Dog's_Tooth_Violet) or http://flowerknight.wikia.com/wiki/Sneezeweed or http://flowerknight.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Ginger

    Habranthus/Apricot gives all your girls shield and can negate one Attack. That's good cause you want your teammembers to be alive as long as possible (Guarantees Apple more time to activate her Double Strike Ability).

    Nightmaher cause she has Dodge which relieves some of the stress Easter Cactus has from healing the squad after some of them died. Granted she doesn't do much in terms of damage but due to dodge she has good survivabiliy. For more Counterdamage and Skill Act. you can go with Helenium instead.
    Red Ginger would also be a solid choice cause she has the much better version of Skill Act. + Counter + she is also able to withstand some punishment due to her Life Leeching Ultimate.

    Easter Cactus for Revive Shenanigans.

    I hope i was able to help you at least a little bit
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    Alrighty thanks Wutan as always, ofc your input has been well taken. With that, most likely I will get Phoenix chan, really curious to see how her healing ability plays out; tho. that being said, she has to die/faint for the effect to take place, so in a sense, I am looking forward to seeing her die...? Not a great image, but that ability is too good to pass out on.

    But some day I want Cactus as well. But I don't have a good crit team to buff her activation to 80%, and realizing it's not good to leave a team half-completed, it's probably best I leave her alone for now.

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    Like I said in the Tiering thread, I tought about a team for Kerria...

    +40% ATK for her and 2 allies
    +40% DEf for her and 2 allies
    Insane damage buff depending on her HP
    80% Evasion first two turns, 50% after.

    Dancing Lady Orchid (Bride of Fos)
    +18% ATK for all
    x1.2 skill act for all
    +10% skill damages for the team (and +20% for herself)
    -15% ATK for all pests

    Lavender (Valentine)
    +15% ATK for all
    x1.2 skill act for all
    +15% damages for all on bosses
    -15% ATK for all pests

    Aconite (promoted)
    +20% ATK for all
    x1.36 skill act for all (based of the girl's skill level but Kerria will be max skill)
    -20% ATK for all pests
    +random panel stuff

    White Tulip (promoted)
    +22% ATK for all
    x1.2 skill act for all
    -20% ATK for all pests
    Pests will miss 12% of time

    It sounds like the perfect Kerria's debuff team. ATK wise, Kerria will end with 40+18+15+20+22 = +115% ATK, 10% skill damages and 15% damages. That's not awesome but still good for her.
    Skill wise, it's a solid 1.2+1.2+1.36+1.2 = x1.96 skill rate, and she will reach almost 75% skill rate.
    Debuff wise, it's a solid -70% ATK for pests with a -12% precision, added to the already 50% evasion of Kerria. White Tulip appears as a gift from gods here with 3 exellent abilities for Kerria's support.

    The only two flaws of this teams are the low speed (really low speed) and Aconite since she is super hard to get for us.

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