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    Thank you for adding resources´╝îI only checked if there is mosaic at the end.
    Nutaku's current downloads are all with mosaic, so I can only turn to previous resources.

    I found that only background 0175s_beach_11 is missing background 0174s_beach_10, can you add it?
    [New Player] Love scenes collection-0174s_beach_10-950b06e218e0c2e2a3b92cdb7f5cfb7f1ec187f0.jpg[New Player] Love scenes collection-0175s_beach_11-d64d1145cb9243316fec127e1a35c364445750ba.jpg

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    For the DMM version, I've attached the JSON and portrait files for Artemis [Divine Thought True Formation], Baal [Divine Thought True Formation], and the soul skin Hercules [Sincere Service Garment]. The previous 2 Divine Thought True Formation kamihime JSON files are on post #635 and post #656. The previous DMM soul skin is on post #693. The method for extracting files from archives disguised as images or GIF files is on post #674.
    Attached Images Attached Images [New Player] Love scenes collection-artemis-divine-true-formation-.gif [New Player] Love scenes collection-baal-divine-true-formation-.gif [New Player] Love scenes collection-hercules-sincere-service-garment-.gif 

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    Very appreciate Berwayer's resources at #661 that can hlep me to quickly build the game.
    DMM version is run compeletly,and Nutaku version has a little qusetion about character (Blooming Furisode) Baal cannot read correctly.
    In info_kamihime/5248.json text , character's name is '[Blooming Furisode] Baal\u00a0' ,and the solution is just need to delete '\u00a0'.

    "kind": "character",
    "max_attack": 9800,
    "max_hp": 1200,
    "max_level": 80,
    "min_attack": 1960,
    "min_hp": 240,
    "name": "[Blooming Furisode] Baal\u00a0",
    "proper_weapon": [
    "rare": "SSR",
    "release_weapon_id": 1205
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    So i tried running all the scripts again, and for some reason it actually downloaded the new Aji-Dahaka eidolon but none of the other new characters.
    Now i really have no idea whats wrong

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