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    Lightbulb CuntWars , card games hentai

    CuntWars , card games hentai-5aac010f574a2363172145.png

    Free-to-play, english, uncensored.
    Compatibility : PC/MAC, Mobile and tablet soon

    Description : "Cuntwars" is the best online uncensored hentai CCG (Collectible Card Game) game.
    Be it in Story Mode or Multiplayer, you will build up your deck of sexy cards, choose your opponents for strategic duels and evolve hundreds of cards.
    Create your guild to unlock new capacities, speak with other players and enjoy a viriety of events and new cards supply.
    Each card evolution will makes its character take on bolder postures and outfits. After every fight you will recieve experience, money and you will be able to summon new cards...

    Eroges's opinion : More than a trading card game, CuntWars combine the quality of a real board game, strategy, comedy and a high quality hentai drawing style.
    Be aware that the game is very vast and has many options, therefore we strongly advise you to follow the tutorial if you're a beginner. Think to sign up to the game again to enjoy all of the options.

    Playing time : infinite Sound : Original voices Text : English Genre : Trading Card (CCG)
    Censorship : NONE Compatibility : PC/MAC, Mobile and tablet soon


    Free-to-play français non censuré en exclusivité sur Eroges.com
    Compatible: PC/MAC et bientôt mobile et tablette

    Descriptif : "Cuntwars" est le premier jeu CCG (Collectible Card Game) online français et hentai non censuré à voir le jour.
    Mode Story ou en Multi-joueurs, vous constituerez votre deck de cartes sexy, choisirez vos adversaires pour des duels stratégiques et ferez évoluer des centaines de cartes.
    Créez votre guilde pour débloquer de nouvelles capacités, communiquez avec les autres joueurs et profitez des nombreux events et nouvelles cartes qui alimenteront le jeu.
    Chaque évolution de carte fera évoluer le personnage de la carte dans une posture et une tenue de plus en plus érotique. A l'issue de chaque combat que vous menez vous gagnerez de l'expérience, de l'argent et pourrez invoquer de nouvelles cartes...

    Avis de Eroges : Plus qu'un jeu de cartes à collectionner, CuntWars allie la qualité d'un vrai jeu de plateau, la stratégie, l'humour et un style de dessin Hentai de haute qualité.
    Attention, Le jeu est très étendu et a de nombreuses options, nous vous conseillons donc fortement de suivre le tutoriel pour débuter. Pensez à vous inscrire dans le jeu à nouveau pour profiter de toutes les options.

    Durée de jeu: Infini Son: Voix originales Texte: Français Genre: Jeux de Cartes (CCG)
    Censure: NON Compatible: PC/MAC et bientôt mobile et tablette

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    I'm here to help new Chickwars/Cuntwars players

    Here to help new players. Recently they changed the disciple system. After you have started playing the game and leveled up a few cards cards you will quickly reach rank 3. At that time you will be able to add a Teacher. Go your friends tab then disciples tab and you will see an option to add a Teacher. Add my ID VHMAJT where it says add a teacher. Then go to your inbox and you will claim your new epic chest. By adding me as a teacher you will be able to message me and get help from a top veteran player. There are a lot crucial tips the game won't tell you about but I can after you add me as a teacher. After adding my 6 letter ID VHMAJT you will see my in game name (Spade) pop up in your teacher tab.You can only add a teacher one time and the faster you do it the faster you can benefit from it. You start out at league 30 and work your way up to league 1 then GM league. You will want to reach league 15 as quickly for extra benefits
    Remember to add my ID VHMAJT in the friends/teacher tab after reaching rank 3 for an epic chest and some in game help.

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