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Thread: Booty Calls

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    Booty Calls

    Booty Calls-booty-calls-1.png Booty Calls-booty-calls-2.png Booty Calls-booty-calls-3.png Booty Calls-booty-calls-4.pngBooty Calls-booty-calls-5.png

    You'll meet many sexy girls at Naughty Beach. Complete quests in many mini games, improve your skills and discover the tastes and expectations of each girl, use the information obtained to get their heart ... and their body! Seduce them and you will get sexy shots to improve your collection. And if they get crazy about you, you'll even get even hotter bonuses!

    Features :

    * MEET various girls and discover for each of her, one unique personality.
    Meeting girls can be easy, but to be successful you need to know what they want!

    * EXPERIMENT a new unique puzzle mechanism.
    Conclude with girls with a unique, fun and addictive puzzle mechanism

    * RECEIVE messages from your girlfriends
    Try to drive them crazy about you and get sextos and hot photos!

    * IMPROVE your character
    Boost your skills to make you even more powerful during your meetings naughty!

    Version Française:

    Free-to-play français de rencontre hentai.

    Vous rencontrerez de nombreuses filles sexy à Naughty Beach.
    Accomplissez des quêtes dans de nombreux mini jeux, améliorez vos compétences et découvrez les goûts et attentes de chaque fille, utilisez les informations obtenues pour obtenir leur cœur... et leur corps !
    Réussissez à les séduire et vous obtiendrez des clichés sexy pour améliorer votre collection.
    Et si elles deviennent folles de vous, vous aurez même droit à des bonus encore bien plus hot !

    Principales caractéristiques du jeu

    * RENCONTREZ différentes filles avec des personnalités uniques
    Rencontrer des filles peut être facile, mais pour les séduire avec succès, vous devez savoir ce qu'elles désirent!

    * EXPERIMENTEZ un nouveau mécanisme de puzzle unique
    Concluer avec les filles avec un mécanisme de puzzle unique, amusant et addictif

    des messages de vos copines
    Si vos copines sont foules de vous, elles vous enverront des sextos et des photos chaudes!

    * AMÉLIOREZ votre personnage
    Booster vos compétences pour vous rendre encore plus performant lors de vos rencontres coquines !

    votre partie
    Jouez depuis votre smartphone android (via apk) ou depuis votre navigateurs, vos parties sont synchronisées entre elles pour ne pas perdre vos progressions !

    Développé par 3X Entertainment

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    Quick heads up for anyone planning to pick up this game. It's slowly getting very P2P-ish (All New girls in Gacha or $, Game isn't scaling properly so you have a higher chance of failing with patch). I'm abt 300 days in game and the scaling has gotten ridiculous to the point that even with almost every Skill maxed out (10 to all 4, 8 on Passion, 6 on Flirt, Orgasms at 1, Extra Turn taken), all 4 Personalities at lv 4, I have to RNG pretty hard to clear an Easy girl on Date, Easy are at 39-41k, Hardest are at ard 52k, a Favorite match with lv 4 Personality lv 2 Passion grants abt 400 points and you have 20/21 turns, you can do the math. It's also mostly rigged to spawn their most hated one's more consistently which at this level is about 6x less than a Favorite match, a 3 Match Fave > 15 Match Hate. Don't get me started on Sex, even with Items and Pill I can fail it easily if they don't spawn Favorites. (Medium girl 66k points, 260 for Fav, 3.3k points average a turn, you basically need to 12 bomb chain favorites in a row, which is pure RNG.)

    Rant aside, art is pretty good but not worth the effort imo.

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    This game is too hard.

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    Ridiculous difficulty

    Agreed with the first post. Sex dates are near impossible even with power ups and maxed out skills. Seems like the required points for wins keeps scaling up even without winning. Winning one date scales points needed for all girls sex dates?

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    Redesign needed

    I agree. Six days into this and I've hit a wall. It's the date/sex game that make this game unplayable. Ridiculously hard to win one.

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    so, not to play this one?
    i thought so , took so long to open it ..
    if it is not going smoothly , it is not for me. xD

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    This game started out as one of my favorites on Nutaku. The girls/artwork are some of my favorite of any game, the events are frequent and winnable, and the game play itself is fun (when the RNG is working). However, as time has gone on, I've found this game to be more and more of a pain in the ass. Dates become legitimately impossible to win without martinis, which is a major problem now that they require you to unlock girls by placing in tournaments. Also, the gacha has some really great stuff, but the frequency of item drops is far too much (and they've added way too many BS costumes like a feather for a girl's hair). That's frustrating when some girls are gacha only. Also, this game desperately needs a "refresh" button because far too many times you get stuck in a level moving three dots at a time with no chance at a winnable board. Some great positives with this one, but difficulty needs to be scaled back a bit.

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