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Thread: Fap CEO

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    I just mentioned this on the reddit, but I really feel like the way they implemented this is fundamentally flawed. Because your cosmic shares are based purely on company level, the skips are the only thing you can get with them to make future ascensions more rewarding. Instead it really should have been based on total shares earned in the current ascension, or maybe some combination of that and the company level system it has now.
    Unless the balance changes drastically, when you unlock girls' upgrades to level 200, the shares seem meaningless now, and could as well be removed (as well as Shares-are-Queen upgrades).

    Anyway, the game would be much more interesting for me, if the ascensions were based on total shares. As it is, getting a few times to lvl 1000, I seem to tinker with skills and upgrades after each of the first 3-4 skips, and after level 300 I just mindlessly beef up girl #13, and then just 1-click add max levels to as many girls, as needed to be able to sell shares. Thinking and planning seems to have been mostly removed from the game, especially that after next ascension even the skills can be changed for free.

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    Don't know what they changed in this last update, but the game's crashing a lot. I guess this is that 'better service' we get from having the daily rollover moved to coincide with their work hours.

    Also, did anyone else get a false Victoria event a few days ago? I was able to unlock a couple of outfits with the bat hairpins I had leftover, but didn't get any emails/pictures. Then the whole thing disappeared.

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