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    Cool Gods of Hentai !

    A new english exclusive game is coming !
    The First real Hentai MMORPG Game

    Gods of Hentai !-f1d03c8317eb864bde3973c25c065a16.png

    Flash Game only available on PC/MAC
    2 new servers weekly
    The Gods have been corrupted... They are invading the world, bringing chaos and wreaking havoc in their path ! The gateway between their world and ours is now open. Choose your side, the Order or the Cult, to face the threat.
    Embody characters all sexier than each other and make your enemies fall for pleasure in a story mode that will make you live this adventure fully!
    Put on the appearance of a voluptuous warrior, an assassin with a penetrating charisma or a mage of unparalleled virility.
    Compose your team with creatures just as powerful as sensual, by recruiting them with panties in the Tavern. Equip and reinforce powerful Artifacts and Relics, complete the different stages of the Megazob Tower and many more challenges to become the best!
    Fight against other players on your server, make them slaves, but also become friends and share your strength in a Guild and Daily Events to earn more rewards.
    Raising the temperature ... This game will melt you, in many ways!

    More details here : https://eroges.com/en/games/gods-of-hentai?tc1=hbc

    Gods of Hentai !-5c50476bdfa27882924007.jpg
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    Does Gods of Hentai have a paid version or is the entire game free?

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