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    [RPG Maker] Harem RPG Remastered [RPG]

    [RPG Maker] Harem RPG Remastered [RPG]-logoattaempt2.jpg

    Harem is a story-driven adult RPG. You are a traveler from a distant, unknown land on a desperate quest to save your homeland. A cabal of mages cast a curse on your people, making the women of your land barren and promising to end your country in a single generation. Shipwrecked in a strange land you know nothing about, an angel saves you and bestows you with magical powers. As you explore this new land, you will become ensnared in the politics and plots of its inhabitants as you seek to build a harem of beautiful women, to bring back to your people to give birth to the next generation. But there is far more going on than what you see at first and you will discover that nothing is as it seems.

    You can download the game or if you feel generous you can support us on Patreon

    Release Date: 2023-04-28
    Developer: Fylokon Games
    Censored: No
    Version: 2m0
    OS: Windows, Mac, Android
    Language: English


    3dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, harem, trainer, big ass, big tits, milf, rape, bdsm, group sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, humiliation, creampie,


    1. Extract and run.



    Initial Release

    Developer Notes:

    This is the official remaster of the classic Harem RPG originally developed by Ker. We're rebuilding the game from the ground up to make it more adapted to modern RPG games with several quality of life and gameplay improvements.

    Fylokon Games started as a husband and wife duo. Their first attempt at creating a video game was derailed by COVID, but now they have a team who are as passionate as they are! Fylokon Games is currently working with the original creator Ker to remaster the game Harem.

    Porting the game to RPG Maker MZ, the newest version.
    Better player experience with things like mouse support built in.
    Better resolution support.
    Rewriting the early content to the same quality of later chapters in ACE while adding to the breadth and depth of the world.
    Adding some new scenes and events as we go on.

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