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Flower Knight Girl takes place in Spring Garden.

“This is the World of Flowers, sustained by the titanic Worldflowers, which are both the source of all life and the ground upon which life stands. The Worldflowers had once blessed the world with crystal clear rivers and luxuriant greenery of every shape and size. There, the people sang, the people learned, the people worked, the people lived.

They thought such peace would surely last forever, until a millennium ago when a great tragedy tore their world apart. The Harbinger of Doom came to turn the blissful bugs of the world into the pugnacious Pests. Little by little, the rich life the people had known began to fade.

But there were those who dared to rise against the menace and protect their beloved Spring Garden. The Flower Knights. Their hearts were as one, fighting for all that was good and righteous. Fighting for love. They were magnificent. Willowy beauties, speaking the language of the flowers themselves as they upheld the traditions and codes of their order.”

❀ Banana Island

Everlasting Summer of the World Flower
Description: A city-state surrounded by a brilliant sea. Although the sun is strong and the temperatures always feel like the peak of summer, the pleasant sea breeze and the shade provided by giant Musa Basjoo leaves make life here pleasant, it is very popular both as a tourist destination and a place to live. The cheerful residents hold festivals year-round, and even the queen’s funeral service was a lively affair. “Embrace hardship, and turn it into a party”, is popular a way of thinking. While they have this bustling attitude, they are also known as a nation with state-of-the-art transportation technology. From boats and balloons to airships that cross the skies, at one time they were all developed jointly with Bergamot Valley.

List of Banana Island Flower Knights

❀ Bergamot Valley

Windy Valley of the World Flower
Description: A city-state flourishing at the heart of the World Flower, rooted in the steep canyon lands. From its terraced streets, called the Floating City to the areas hidden from the queen’s rule, many aspects differ greatly from the other city-states build on flat terrain. The unique natural environment has spurred on numerous technological advancements, including devices that use the water level and wind power. They implemented airships jointly developed with Banana Island, but it is said that a single genius inventor laid the foundation for this technological system. While there are those who would control nature for comfort, the fruits that ripen in fall are in demand with both locals and tourists alike.

List of Bergamot Valley Flower Knights

❀ Blossom Hill

Knowledge and Virtue of the World Flower
Description: The largest city-state in Spring Garden. One thousand years ago, it was the first land to form “Flower Knights” with the assistance of a legendary hero, and grew into the first base for repelling the threat of the Pests. Beginning with the Phos Knight Brigade Academy, the first to be given the title of “Flower Knights” in the castle town, there are numerous facilities of value to the Flower Knights, like the Great Library, School, and Arena, and the influx of various goods, due to prosperous trade drives and markets. Fields and orchards can be seen on the outskirts, and there are also Flower Knight units that transport their goods.

List of Blossom Hill Flower Knights

❀ Lilywood

Deep Forest of the World Flower
Description: A city-state rooted in the ideology of co-existence with nature. That history is particularity long, even within Spring Garden, and the tendency to honor this etiquette and custom is strong. Other than the queen, there is a senate which holds voting rights, and although a vote is prudently held for everything, there are young members of the Flower Knights who desire reform to allow for swift decision-making. Most building and roads incorporate nature as-is, and while there are many who are calmed by a city-scape blending into nature, there are several areas where the Knights’ security patrols are not as thorough as they could be. Since the country borders the wastelands, behind the beautiful scenery is a nation caught in a relentless battle.

List of Lilywood Flower Knights

❀ Lotus Lake

Shore of the World Flower
Description: A city-state in the southeast of Spring Garden. This country, the farthest from the withered World Flower, currently has little exchange with the other nations, has built up a massive lake and vwetlands to prevent the comings and goings of people. The majority of the country is lake, and so it is said that its people have built their city on the leaves of giant lotuses…

❀ Winter Rose

Snowfield of the World Flower
Description: A city-state where the center is protected by the magical barrier of the World Flower. A land rich in pure-white forests and magnificent frozen lakes, with natural crystals found throughout, the beautiful snowy landscape draws a great deal of attention as a tourist destination. However, this is also proof of its harsh natural environment, where areas of heavy snowfall await just outside of town. The people who live here are enduring, and some would say stubborn, and the grit exists within the Flower Knights as well, as many have direct personalities. The queen of this country is a romantic who exudes a dreamy atmosphere and has chosen to become a Flower Knight, heading to the front lines to eliminate the threat of the Pests.

List of Winter Rose Flower Knights

❀ Withered World Flower

Withered World Flower of the Ancient Flower
Description: A ruined country within Spring Garden where the Pests first appeared. In losing the blessing of the World Flower, the country fell apart, the water was tainted, and the air polluted; the entire nation is no longer habitable by people, and no trace of its once-prosperous past remain. Even now, it is feared as the source of the Pests, and countless Knight Brigades have gone missing in efforts to restore control. Like a deadly poison, it continues to encroach on the border between Bergamot Valley and Lilywood. Amidst a thousand-year-old tragedy, though the being who would rule a dying world is hinted at, and it is said that only a few know the truth.

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