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Whale Airship, or commonly called Whale or Whaleship, is a feature added June 27, 2017. It is a feature where 40 knights board on a large airship, modeled after a whale, to combat large Ancient Pest in the sky.

On clicking the Whale button on the home page, you will end up with 3 buttons on the left side, and a trade shop button.

  • Conquest – enters mission select
  • Assemble – sets which units to add/remove in the whale airship
  • Harbor – returns to the main whale page
  • Trade Shop – sends you to the trade shop to exchange


Conquest is almost the same as with normal maps, only differs on the skirmishes. Whaleship skirmishes divided into two parts, Deck Fights and Boss Battles:

Deck Fights, as the name implies, are skirmishes at the deck of the Airship. Deck fights follows the same format as with Raid bosses, where you enter with 1 squad and if that squad dies, the next one follows.

Boss Battles however, uses the whole whaleship as a single entity to attack the boss. the Boss would retreat multiple times at certain HP levels, and if it does, it reveals a path to where the whaleship would follow, until it dies and reveals the flag for a mission complete.
Howling Cannon and Burst
On the 19th of December with the release of mission 6 maps was the implementation of Howling Cannon, a special move that uses a filled up Light Gauge, and its power is dependent on all Flower Knights that aren't fainted.

in-game description

Howling Cannon, Fire!

Faint Gauge is also implemented and is located below the ancient pest's health bar, where when it is filled, the ancient pest will faint.

When the Ancient Pest faints, you are switched for the Whale Ship Screen to the Charge Screen. Charge Screen party is 5 randomly made from the members of your current ship that hasn't been knocked out (this includes Helper party). the Charge Party has a 100% chance to activate their skill, downside is you cannot use Blast inside the Charge Screen.

Charge Screen

The Damage dealt to the Charge screen Crystal is then amplified and will it the ancient pest as a Cannon Burst.

Charged Cannon Burst, Fire!
Power Divider Nodes
on the 16th of January with the release of mission 7 maps was the implementation of force divider nodes which are forked nodes that sends the whaleship on different paths depending on the Total Power you have.

MissionStageStaminaNeeded PowerSun Medals3 Medal Rewards

Mission 1:
Ravage, Ancient Pest
1-1 Whale Airship, Take off! 30540,000x10,x30
1-2 Chase the Powerful Foe! 50600,000x50,x50
1-3 Whale Cannon, Fire! 70800,000x90,x100
1-4 Sharp as a Razor! 80910,000x150,x200
1-5 To the Boundless Skies! 801,100,000x200,x300

Mission 2:
More than Qualified
2-1 The Disappearing Pests 30590,000x12,x30
2-2 Bewildered 50650,000x60,x50
2-3 Conference after Landing 70850,000x108,x100
2-4 Restart the Pursuit! 80960,000x180,x200
2-5 If Outside the Clouds 801,150,000x240,x300

Mission 3:
The Secret Battle
3-1 Round and Round It Goes 30640,000x14,x30
3-2 Beware Suspicious Treasure Chests 50700,000x72,x50
3-3 Ancient Ruins and Treasure 70900,000x130,x100
3-4 Also in the Islet 801,010,000x216,x200
3-5 You Won't Escape! 801,200,000x288,x300

Mission 4:
The Whale Ship and the Commander
4-1 Decisive Battle in Ukagami Valley 30690,000x16,x30
4-2 Further Pursuit 50750,000x77,x50
4-3 The Abyss 70950,000x139,x100
4-4 Newcomers Approaching 801,060,000x231,x200
4-5 Escape the Valley of Death 801,250,000x309,x300

Mission 5:
Scorched Earth
5-1 In the Wasteland 30740,000x18,x30
5-2 Ancient Pests of the Counterattack 50800,000x82,x50
5-3 The Whale Airship Strikes Back 701,000,000x148,x100
5-4 Chasing the Ancient Pests 801,110,000x246,x200
5-5 The Withered Lands 801,300,000x330,x300

Mission 6:
An Unfathomable Threat
6-1 Capture the Ancient Pest! 30690,000x20,x50
6-2 Unknown Fear 50750,000x87,x80
6-3 Fight against Adversity 70950,000x157,x170
6-4 Next Time, For Sure... 801,060,000x261,x330
6-5 The Second Conclusion 801,250,000x351,x500

Mission 7:
That which needs protection. . .
7-1 The Menace Looming Overhead 30740,000x22,x50
7-2 Ancient pest 50800,000x92,x80
7-3 Cheers from the Whale Airship 701,000,000x166,x170
7-4 To protect Hope 801,110,000x276,x330
7-5 Decisive battle above Blossom Hill 901,300,000x396,x500
Power Divider>1,020,000x418

Mission 8:
The ones who protect the sky
8-1 Against Orders 30760,000x24,x50
8-2 Last Stand for Blossom Hill 50820,000x97,x80
8-3 Invasion of the Ancient Pests! 701,020,000x175,x170
8-4 Whale Ship Counterattack 801,130,000x291,x330
8-5 A Flower Knight's Duties 901,320,000x418,x500
Power Divider>1,040,000x441

Mission 9:
A Boat Floating on Hope
9-1 He who strikes first wins! 30780,000x26,x50
9-2 A difficult issue 50840,000x102,x80
9-3 Defend Lilywood till the end! 701,040,000x193,x170
9-4 Light of hope - Howling Cannon 801,150,000x321,x330
9-5 To the final battleground! 901,340,000x441,x500
Power Divider>1,060,000x464

Mission 10:
The time for the final battle
10-1 Aim for the crack 30850,000x28,x50
10-2 Strong protection 50910,000x107,x80
10-3 The meaning of Flower Knights 701,110,000x197,x170
10-4 Sink or swim 801,220,000x328,x330
10-5 Last shot 901,410,000x464,x500
Power Divider>1,130,000x487
10-1 Bonus Stage 30-x31-
10-2 Bonus Stage 50-x118-
10-3 Bonus Stage 70-x217-
10-5 Bonus Stage 90-x511-

Mission 11:
Whale Ship Reloaded!
11-1 Menace Reloaded 30790,000x30,x80
11-2 Intercept! 50850,000x112,x130
11-3 The Turning Point 701,050,000x206,x290
11-4 Let's End it Here 801,160,000x343,x550
11-5 Explosion! Howling Cannon 901,350,000x487,x850
Power Divider >1,070,000x510
11-2 Bonus Stage 50-x124-

Mission 12:
Set Sail for the Unknown!
12-1 Ancient Pests from somewhere 30810,000x32,x80
12-2 Invincible Whale Cannon 50870,000x117,x130
12-3 A horrid premonition... 701,070,000x215,x290
12-4 Training grounds again! 801,180,000x358,x550
12-5 Where are the Ancient Pests going? 901,370,000x510,x850
Power Divider >1,090,000x533
12-2 Bonus Stage 50-x129-
12-3 Bonus Stage 70-x237-
12-4 Bonus Stage 80-x394-
12-5 Bonus Stage 90-x561-

Mission 13:
Starry sky battle
13-1 The thing that appears from the darkness 30830,000x34,x80
13-2 Whale Cannon that pierces the nightsky 50890,000x122,x130
13-3 The Ancient Pests' tenacity 701,090,000x224,x290
13-4 "Keep shooting!" 801,200,000x373,x550
13-5 The night and mistery deepen 901,390,000x533,x850
Power Divider >1,110,000x556
13-1 Bonus Stage 30-x38-
13-5 Bonus Stage 90-x586-

Mission 14:
Approaching danger, deepening mystery
14-1 Counterattack, reversal, then counterattack again 30850,000x36,x80
14-2 Sad and Destroy 50910,000x127,x130
14-3 A first read 701,100,000x233,x290
14-4 Curtains that can't be closed 801,220,000x388,x550
14-5 Shoot them down! 901,410,000556,x850
Power Divider>1,130,000579
14-1 Bonus Stage 30-x80-
14-4 Bonus Stage 80-x427-

Mission 15:
Grotesque fear
15-1 Change - Awakening 30900,000x38,x80
15-2 No prediction 50960,000x132,x130
15-3 God's teasing prank 701,160,000x242,x290
15-4 The fragrance of despair and hope 801,270,000x403,x550
15-5 Slice through fear 901,460,000579,x850
Power Divider>1,180,000602
15-4 Bonus Stage 80-x444-
15-5 Bonus Stage 90-x636-

Mission 16:
Dash through the sky
16-1 Neverending Evolution 1001,420,000x656,x1050
Power Divider>1,140,000x682
16-2 Pride at stake 1001,420,000x656,x1050
Power Divider>1,140,000x682
16-3 A battle in the sky is s-so high up! 1001,420,000x656,x1050
Power Divider>1,140,000x682
16-4 I'm scared, but... 1001,420,000x656,x1050
Power Divider>1,140,000x682
16-5 Won't let that day repeat 1001,470,000x628,x1050
Power Divider>1,190,000x???

Mission 17:
Pure white hope
17-1 A New Power 1001,440,000x695x5,x1050
17-2 A Time to Show a Pharmacist's Prowess 1001,440,000x?,x1050
17-3 Everyone, I 'll Protect You 1001,440,000x?,x1050
17-4 Fighting and Healing 1001,440,000x?,x1050
17-5 Dance, Swan, Dance 1001,490,000x?,x1050


Assembly of team in the Whale Airship is almost the same with assembly of Units, but only differs on two things: 40 knights instead of 20, and equipment's power is now included in the computation of the total power.

Whale Airship's type can be also modified to a certain type by having 40% of the knights with the type you want it to be (16 knights out of 40). if the whaleship's knight distribution is not over 16 of one type, the type will be generic (no type).
Whale Airship Types
TypeWhale Airship NameSkillnameChanceEffect
Generic Whale AirshipNazuna’s Artillery22%Deals 1.8 x damage to all enemies
Nazuna’s Assault Squad18%Deals 2.2 x damage to all enemies
Slashing Whale AirshipWhale Slash22%Deals 1.8 x damage to all enemies
Grand Slash18%Deals 2.2 x damage to all enemies
Striking Whale AirshipIsana Fast22%Deals 1.8 x damage to all enemies
Isana Attack18%Deals 2.2 x damage to all enemies
Charging Whale AirshipDolphin Attack22%Deals 1.8 x damage to all enemies
Trident Attack18%Deals 2.2 x damage to all enemies
Demon Gun Whale AirshipThunder Magica22%Deals 1.8 x damage to all enemies
Providence Magica18%Deals 2.2 x damage to all enemies
NOTE: Summoned Healing Nodes doesn't heal the Airship
Proper Whale Airship team creation
  • Click the Total Power High-Low button in Auto Setup.

  • From the bottom squad, click on a unit which is not the same type as with the desired whaleship type (in this case, I’m making a Slice-type ship. Therefore, I’ll be picking Anthurium)

  • Sort by Total Power DSC and the desired type of the whaleship.

  • Pick the next highest unselected unit as the replacement (Nasturtium, in this case)

  • Keep on replacing units the same way until you have 16 of the desired type.

  • Replace the 1st squad with the same type as with the whaleship for Deck Fights.



Shop & Currency

By doing whale maps, you acquire a currency called Sun Medals
It can be exchanged with items in the Whale tab of the Exchange Center.

One Time Only
Venerable Red Necklace7,000 1
20,000 1
Venerable Blue Necklace12,000 1
20,000 1
Venerable Yellow Necklace14,000 1
20,000 1
Venerable Purple Necklace14,000 1
20,000 1
Venerable Neutral Necklace14,000 1
20,000 1
Venerable Red Earrings15,000 1
22,000 1
Venerable Blue Earrings16,000 1
22,000 1
Venerable Yellow Earrings15,000 1
22,000 1
Venerable Purple Earrings15,000 1
22,000 1
Venerable Neutral Earrings15,000 1
22,000 1
Sparkling Red Necklace23,000 1
25,000 1
Sparkling Blue Necklace23,000 1
Sparkling Yellow Necklace23,000 1
Sparkling Purple Necklace23,000 1
Sparkling Neutral Necklace23,000 1
Sparkling Red Earrings20,000 1
Resets Every 4 Weeks
Flowering Heart1120 6
Rare Pink Diamond145 15
High Quality Stuffed Toy145 15
Deluxe Cake145 15
High Quality Book145 15
HP Ampy190 5
ATK Ampy190 5
DEF Ampy190 5
Lv. 100 Red Manyu140 5
Lv. 100 Blue Manyu140 5
Lv. 100 Yellow Manyu140 5
Lv. 100 Purple Manyu140 5
Lv. 100 Red Dragon270 3
Lv. 100 Blue Dragon270 3
Lv. 100 Yellow Dragon270 3
Lv. 100 Purple Dragon270 3
Gold x 50,000170 1
Gold x 100,000250 1
Gacha Seeds x 100050 1
Equipment Gacha Seeds x 100080 1
Mid-grade Equipment Gacha Seeds x 1000100 1
High Class Diamond60 5
Quality Teddy Bear60 5
Extravagant Cake60 5
Pristine Book60 5
Red Bloom Bird330 8
Blue Bloom Bird330 8
Yellow Bloom Bird330 8
Purple Bloom Bird330 8

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