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There are three modes in Battle: Story, Challenge, and Versus. Rewards and battle tendencies vary by modes.
You basically have 3 minutes in a battle. A battle ends when you destroy your enemies' buildings except the walls, when all units in your alliance die, or more than 3 minutes have elapsed. If you get one or more stars at the end of the battle, it's your victory. If you can't get any stars, it's your enemy's victory.
A battle begins when you click the "Deploy" button on the battle screen. Select icons displayed at the bottom of the screen for unit(s) which you want to deploy, then click on the battle field, and you can deploy them.

Sealed Stones

You can get new heroines by collecting sealed stones which you can obtain during battles including defensive ones (with both victory or loss).
All heroines except NPC in-game can be obtained by collecting a specified number of targeted heroine's sealed stones. Once you collect the specified number of the sealed stones, a heroine from the respective stone is given to you. In order to obtain a heroine, you will need to obtain a specific number of sealed stones.
You can get sealed stones mainly in defensive battles and Whimsical Gacha. You can also get them in Versus Mode with a low probability. In defensive battles, there is a possibility to get a sealed stone of the enemy's heroine depending on the number of enemy units you defeat.

Sealed Stones requirements by rarity:
Bronze: 3 Sealed Stones
Silver: 5 Sealed Stones
Gold: 10 Sealed Stones
Platinum: 15 Sealed Stones

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