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Daily Missions

Daily missions are objectives that can be cleared for a reward and can be repeated daily.

If you complete the Daily Mission, you'll get the corresponding reward.
You can choose any Daily Mission that is available to you in the Challenge Window.

Missions you have already completed reset every day, so you can try them again.
*Missions will reset even if you are in the middle of one, so be careful.

1Three To Pick 'em OutGet 3 Triple Chance1x N Wild Card 1
2Five To Hit The TownGet 5 Triple Chance1x Gacha Ticket
3Ten To Bring 'em HomeGet 10 Triple Chance1x R Gacha Ticket

1Pocket ChangeGet 3 Triple Pero1x N Wild Card 1
2The Big BucksGet 5 Triple Pero1x R Wild Card 1
3Stacking BouillonGet 10 Triple Pero1x SR Wild Card 1

1Temp WorkerGet 3 Triple Exp1x N Wild Card 1
2Salary ManGet 5 Triple Exp1x R Wild Card 1
3EntrepreneurGet 10 Triple Exp1x SR Wild Card 1

1A Ring For YouGet 3 Triple Gift1000 Pero
2Who Wants A Car?!Get 5 Triple Gift3000 Pero
3Free Houses For Everyone!Get 10 Triple Gift5000 Pero

130 Push Ups!Use 30 Stamina1000 Pero
250 Sit Ups!Use 50 Stamina3000 Pero
3100 Squats!Use 100 Stamina1x R Wild Card 1

1Pie To The FaceTease 3 Different People1000 Pero
2White OutTease 5 Different People3000 Pero
3Bukkake StormTease 10 Different People5000 Pero

1Flirt With 3 GirlsGet 3 N Girls1x N Wild Card 1
2Flirt With 2 BeautiesGet 2 R Girls1x R Wild Card 1
3Flirt With 1 ActressGet 1 SR Girl1x SR Wild Card 1
4Flirt With 3 ActressesGet 3 SR Girls1x Ex Wild Card

Special Missions

Special missions are one-time objectives that can be cleared for a reward.

If you complete a Special Mission, you'll get the corresponding reward.
You can choose any Special Mission that is available to you in the Challenge Window.
Any missions you have already completed cannot be repeated.

1I'm Coming For You, Airu1x R Gacha Ticket

Rescue Girls
1Rescue 2 Girls from the Naked King10x SR Wild Card 1
1.1Rescue 4 Girls from the Naked King1x Mission Challenge Window Extension
2Rescue 6 Girls from the Naked King5x SR Wild Card 3
2.1Rescue 8 Girls from the Naked King1x Peronamin
3Rescue 10 Girls from the Naked King4x SR Wild Card 5
3.1Rescue 12 Girls from the Naked King3x R Gacha Ticket
4Rescue 14 Girls from the Naked King2x Chestnut Liqueur
4.1Rescue 16 Girls from the Naked King1x Ex Wild Card
Ability to gain Ex levels
5Rescue 18 Girls from the Naked King2x Pero Pudding
5.1Rescue 20 Girls from the Naked King1x Card Reveal
Ability to gain Ex levels

1Achieve Level 51x R Gacha Ticket
1.1Achieve Level 101x R Gacha Ticket
1.2Achieve Level 151x SR Gacha Ticket
1.3Achieve Level 251x R Gacha Ticket
Achieve Level 301x Card Reveal
2Achieve Level 352x Chestnut Liqueur
3Achieve Level 401x Card Reveal
4Achieve Level 451x R Gacha Ticket
5Achieve Level 501x Card Reveal
Ability to gain Ex levels
6Achieve Level 551x Card Reveal
6.1Achieve Level 602x Card Reveal
6.2Achieve Level 652x Card Reveal
7Achieve Level 702x Chestnut Liqueur
7.1Achieve Level 752x Card Reveal
8.Achieve Level 802x Card Reveal
8.1Achieve Level 852x Card Reveal
9Achieve Level 902x Card Reveal
9.1Achieve Level 952x Card Reveal
10Achieve Level 1003x Card Reveal
Ability to gain Ex levels
10.1Achieve Level 1052x Chestnut Liqueur
10.2Achieve Level 1103x Card Reveal
10.3Achieve Level 1153x Card Reveal
10.4Achieve Level 1203x Card Reveal
10.5Achieve Level 1253x Card Reveal
10.6Achieve Level 1303x Card Reveal
10.7Achieve Level 1353x Card Reveal
10.8Achieve Level 1402x Chestnut Liqueur
10.9Achieve Level 1453x Card Reveal
10.10Achieve Level 1504x Card Reveal
Ability to gain Ex Levels
10.Achieve Level 1554x Card Reveal
11Achieve Level 1604x Card Reveal
12Achieve Level 1654x Card Reveal

1Make 3 Pero Friends1x Chestnut Liqueur
2Make 6 Pero Friends1x Pero Pudding Half
3Make 10 Pero Friends1x Peronamin Half
3.1Make 15 Pero Friends1x Chestnut Liqueur
4Make 20 Pero Friends1x R Gacha Ticket
4.1Make 30 Pero Friends1x Pero Pudding
4.2Make 40 Pero Friends1x Pero Pudding
4.3Make 45 Pero Friends2x Chestnut Liqueur
5Make 50 Pero Friends1x Card Reveal
6Make 60 Pero Friends1x Pero Pudding
7Make 70 Pero Friends2x R Gacha Ticket
8Make 80 Pero Friends1x Peronamin
9Make 90 Pero Friends3x R Gacha Ticket
10Make 100 Pero Friends1x Card Reveal

Raise SED
1Raise SED to 1,0001x R Gacha Ticket
2Raise SED to 2,0001x R Gacha Ticket
3Raise SED to 3,0001x R Gacha Ticket
4Raise SED to 4,0001x R Gacha Ticket
5Raise SED to 5,0001x R Gacha Ticket
6Raise SED to 10,0001x SR Gacha Ticket
6.1Raise SED to 15,0002x R Gacha Ticket
6.2Raise SED to 20,0002x R Gacha Ticket
6.3Raise SED to 25,0002x R Gacha Ticket
6.4Raise SED to 30,0001x Card Reveal
Raise SED to 120,0003x R Gacha Ticket
7Raise SED to 300,0004x R Gacha Ticket
8Raise SED to 400,0004x R Gacha Ticket
9Raise SED to 500,0004x R Gacha Ticket
9.1Raise SED to 1,000,0003x Card Reveal
Ability to gain Ex levels
9.2Raise SED to 1,500,0003x Ex Wild Card
9.3Raise SED to 2,000,0004x Card Reveal
Ability to gain Ex levels
9.4Raise SED to 2,500,0004x Ex Wild Card
10Raise SED to 3,000,0004x Card Reveal
Ability to gain Ex levels
10.1Raise SED to 3,500,0005x Ex Wild Card

N Girls
1Meet 5 Country Bumpkins10x N Wild Card 1
1.2Meet 40 Unobtrusive Gals5x N Wild Card 1
2Meet 50 Unobtrusive Gals1x Card Reveal
2.1Meet 60 Everyday Girls10x R Wild Card 1
2.2Meet 70 Everyday Girls10x SR Wild Card 1
2.3Meet 80 Everyday Girls8x SR Wild Card 3
2.4Meet 90 Everyday Girls4x SR Wild Card 5
3Meet 100 Hotties1x Card Reveal
3.1Meet 110 Hotties5x SR Wild Card 3
3.2Meet 120 Hotties5x SR Wild Card 5

R Girls
1Get Friendly With 3 Younger Girls10x R Wild Card 1
1.1Get Friendly With 6 Younger Girls5x SR Wild Card 1
1.2Get Friendly With 10 Younger Girls3x SR Wild Card 3
Get Friendly With 20 Gyaru5x Wild Card 1
2Get Friendly With 40 Succubi3x SR Wild Card 3
3Get Friendly With 45 Hotties10x R Wild Card 1
4Get Friendly With 50 Hotties1x Card Reveal
5Get Friendly With 60 Hotties20x R Wild Card 1
5.1Get Friendly With 70 Models10x SR Wild Card 1
5.2Get Friendly With 80 Models5x SR Wild Card 3
5.3Get Friendly With 90 Models4x SR Wild Card 5
5.4Get Friendly With 100 Amateur Idols2x Card Reveal
6Get Friendly With 110 Amateur Idols30x R Wild Card 1
6.1Get Friendly With 120 Amateur Idols20x SR Wild Card 1
7Get Friendly With 130 Celebrities10x SR Wild Card 3
7.1Get Friendly With 140 Celebrities8x SR Wild Card 5
8Get Friendly With 150 Celebrities3x Card Reveal

SR Girls
1Bed 1 Limp Fish10x SR Wild Card 1
1.1Bed 3 Limp Fish4x SR Wild Card 3
1.2Bed 5 Limp Fish3x SR Wild Card 5
Bed 15 Normies3x Wild Card 5
2Bed 35 Yandere10x SR Wild Card 1
3Bed 40 Yandere10x SR Wild Card 1
4Bed 40 Yandere4x SR Wild Card 3
5Bed 45 Yandere3x SR Wild Card 5
6Bed 50 Psychos2x Card Reveal
6.1Bed 55 Psychos10x SR Wild Card 1
7Bed 60 Psychos5x SR Wild Card 3
8Bed 65 Tsundere4x SR Wild Card 5
8.1Bed 70 Tsundere10x SR Wild Card 1
8.2Bed 75 Tsundere8x SR Wild Card 3
8.3Bed 80 Bitches4x SR Wild Card 5
8.4Bed 85 Bitches10x SR Wild Card 1
9Bed 90 Bitches5x SR Wild Card 3
9.1Bed 95 Bitches4x SR Wild Card 5
10Bed 100 Mistresses3x Card Reveal
10.1Bed 110 Mistresses20x SR Wild Card 1
10.2Bed 120 Indie Idols10x SR Wild Card 3
10.3Bed 130 Indie Idols8x SR Wild Card 5
10.4Bed 140 Indie Idols20x SR Wild Card 1
10.5Bed 150 Popular Idols10x Card Reveal
10.6Bed 160 Popular Idols8x SR Wild Card 5
10.7Bed 170 Bitches20x SR Wild Card 1
10.8Bed 180 Movie Stars10x SR Wild Card 3
10.9Bed 190 Movie Stars8x SR Wild Card 5
10.10Bed 200 Movie Stars5x Card Reveal
10.11Bed 210 Porn Stars20x SR Wild Card 1
10.12Bed 220 Porn Stars10x SR Wild Card 3

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