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    Sep 2016
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    HBC's DMM Subforum Friend List

    Welcome to our new HBC Friendlist. We hope you will found precious comrades for the future battles or olds fellows never added as friend.

    Here is some rules to keep a good friendlist.

    - Only posts messages related to the friend list modifications. Don't speak about the game, don't speak about YOUR friends or don't one's you requested him (or her, or other).

    - If you want to be added in the list, please, post your Forum Name, your DMM FKG Name and your DMM FKG ID.
    If you're new and don't know were to find your ID, it may help you: FindYourIDIn1Picture

    - You can add your helper team in the Friendlist if you want. Just post it with your Friendlist addition request. Your helper team is the first team on the first squad in your squad list. It has a yellow tag on the bottom-left corner, unless all the other teams.

    - You can also choose a waifu to represent you in the list. She don't need to be your assistant, she don't need to be different from every other guy (please, just don't all take Anemone or Cattleya ). It's just a pure cosmetic feature and don't represent or affect anything.

    - Please, follow the rules.

    HBC's DMM Subforum Super Mofufu Friendlist

    Forum Name DMM FKG Name DMM FKG ID Helper Team
    AerosAtar AerosAtar 281648366 NA
    Caitlenren びゃつね 636783227 NA
    durrem durrem 130364787 link
    Ghostmon Ghostmon 838832909 NA
    HungryHunter HungryHunter 646263953 link
    Kurenai Kurenai☆ 112112066 NA
    maotd maotd (main)
    Pineapple☆ (alt)
    481766521 (main)
    904121199 (alt)
    Myers Myers 152744586 NA
    Myrdin Myrdin 605636097 link
    phob phob 752192994 NA
    seorizuki bloodymatsu 863497209 NA
    ShadwNinjaX ShadwNinjaX 536701334 NA
    skasio skasio 611662165 link
    Tomitain Tomitain 106750967 NA
    unknown67 unknown67 701584197 NA
    Volarmis Volarmis 317568967 link
    Wutan Wutan (main)
    Loki (alt)
    986648592 (main)
    845560896 (alt)
    link (main)
    link (alt)

    Advices for the new players:
    - The girls's helper team level is capped on your highest level girl's level. Don't worry if a friend supposed to be high level has alow level. You just need to do some level up yourself.

    - If you don't know were to find your ID, it may help you: FindYourIDIn1Picture

    - If you want to provide a usefull helper team, it may be a good idea to put all your bests girls in the 1st team, 1st squad and use all the other squad slots for your personnal use.
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    ID: 481766521 (DMM)
    Atl ID: 904121199 (DMM)
    Name: maotd (main) / Pineapple☆(Alt)
    Allies: Still a lot of free slots

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    I really like the list. It was also a good idea to include the option for Helper Teams (especially for those of us with a Signature made by Myrdin).

    Forum Name: Wutan
    DMM FKG Name: Wutan
    ID: 986648592


    Current Helper Team:

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    UTC +8; somewhere far southwest of Japan
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    Keeping it short.

    FN: Kurenai | IGN: Kurenai☆ | ID: 112112066

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    Who should I go with for the picture... There are quite a few memorable girls for me, but I guess I'll go with her for the time being.

    Forum/DMM name: Volarmis
    ID: 317568967

    For the Helper team let's go with my profile page: https://harem-battle.club/members/volarmis.html.
    That way we won't need to update it on demand, since I update my helper team in my signature.

    Name: Volarmis
    DMM ID: 317568967

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    Jan 2016
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    Forum/IGN - skasio

    ID - 611662165

    Best girl

    Helper team

    Signature done by Myrdin

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    May 2016
    Both forum and ingame: Myrdin

    ID: 605636097
    (same as the signature)

    Current -
    Usually -

    Support Team:
    Last edited by Myrdin; 07-17-2018 at 01:23 AM.

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    Forum and Ingame: ShadwNinjaX
    ID: 536701334
    Waifu: Foxy Miko (Shrine Maiden Red Spider Lily) - I won't fight Kurenai over Red Ginger. So I'll go with my next rainbow waifu!
    HBC's DMM Subforum Friend List-foxymiko.png
    DMM FKG ID: 536701334 IGN: ShadwNinjaX Allies: 53/63

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    Name: Mraktar
    Friend slots: 40/70
    Helper squad: my 6* are garbage so i use evasion team of Sorel NY, Anemone miko, Limantes, Easter Primrose, Waterlilly (125.5k power) as hepler
    Kamihime ID: 4800544, wind (Hrae included)//frozen
    Nutaku FKG ID: 375715584
    DMM FKG ID :922767212
    DMM Kamihime:4201976 - Hrae, Kirin, Cerberus

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    Forum: Caitlenren
    IGN: びゃつね
    Aesthetic queen:

    Signature made by Myrdin

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    forum name - seorizuki
    ign - bloodymatsu
    id - 863497209

    my cutest daughteru

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