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    Beginner Guide to Leveling up your team

    Firstly, I would like to point out that I made this because of the recurring number of threads asking on who to level for their teams, especially for newbies. Therefore, this guide will effectively cover your 1st month of play (or longer). The target: Reach Fiery Oasis (30 char story mission desert map) and Phalanx 2 (3 sta challenge quest) asap. These are the 2 best farming maps that is realistically achievable within 1~2 weeks if you don't screw anything up. Anything earlier should only be a temporary pit stop.

    note: CC = class change, or also known as class evolution.

    Basic outline and initial details:

    This is the team composition you will want to aim for:

    Ignore their cost values (because I'm using my team in the screenshot, which has been cost reduced, also known as CR)

    Refer to EthEternal for a comprehensive fast clear for early part of story missions, daily mission H and challenge quests: (note that the Castle Retake video is outdated, refer to some other videos using 250 atk cypria to RNG assassinate the 1st black armor for your clear) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbI...tD5TDCRrOW1kXg

    When you first start playing Aigis, after getting yourself familiarized and maybe doing stupid things, level whatever units you will need to get past the early stage maps, based on EthEternal videos up till Return to Ruins. you will probably end up getting the following units to around lvl 10~20:
    • Katie (obtained from Strategy Lesson)
    • Bashira (Tutorial summon)
    • Iris (Iris is rank 10 reward)
    • Cloris (obtained from Urgent Mission Drill)
    • Leeanne
    • Alissa
    • Valerie
    • Soma/Daniela
    • Elaine
    • Calliope
    • Eunice
    • Phyllis
    • Cypria (level enough for 250 base attack)

    SC usage: (Sacred Crystals)

    Now that you've roughly got a slightly level'd team to start clearing crap, save up to 50 SCs and read: http://harem-battle.club/millennium-...ee-player.html
    Edit: tl;dr, a slightly modified version of lafate's SC use guide (IMO) =
    1) store 55 SC, roll your 1st set of 10 units + buy 5 unit expansion slot. (or 50 SC, roll 9 and buy slot 5 times)
    2) store 150 SC, buy unit expansion slot max, 2nd barracks, spend SCs on stamina refill for event and/or do premium summons as necessary to spend exactly 150 SC for that month.
    3) do whatever, but in multiples of 150 (for plat ticket stamp card), and save SC to throw whenever an item collection event comes, assuming veterans do not say that item collection event unit sucks. (almost every item collection event unit will be worth getting for one reason or another, and you do NOT want to spend 50 SCs to mincost/max skill the unit when their revival comes again)

    Actual leveling priority:

    Next, you will want to know who to level and prioritize. All usable units are to be level'd to 50cc30 with 100% affection ; you can feel free to combine plat armors with 3 rarity fairies for 8k exp to skip the lvl 40-50 leveling process that costs a ton of gold according to http://millenniumwaraigis.wikia.com/...it_Combination
    50CC30 refers to leveling a unit to 50, then class evolving (also called CC because class change), then leveling to 30. All units you intend to use should be level'd to 50 before class changing, no exceptions.

    This is based on my own judgment on which units a beginner should focus on ; all units in each tier are interchangeable and equally important:

    • 1st tier: Katie - Bashira - Iris - Cloris/Nenya (for DMM)

    Cloris/Nenya is listed here simply because you can use her to rush to phalanx 2 to farm affection with excess stamina as well as plat fairies for Bashira.

    • 2nd tier: Soma/Daniela - Alissa - Leeanne - Valerie

    Soma and Daniela are both fine. Daniela is more useful at final stats, but Soma has the advantage of starting out at 30% affection so you save some affection items.

    • 3rd tier: Elaine - Calliope - Eunice - Phyllis - Bernard/2nd Leeanne

    Mainly the duelist/ganker segment.

    Ending pointers:

    Quoting Lafate's Class and Army Guide: http://harem-battle.club/millennium-...-1-2015-a.html
    Basic Team Composition:

    Now, I know why most of you are here. You are new to the game, and wish to know how to make the best of the starting units given to you. However, some of you may just be here for a list. Not actually caring about what I have to say here. So in interest of not wasting your time here is your list.

    1: Valkyrie
    1: Princess
    1: Bandit or Rogue
    2: Soldiers
    2: Heavy Armors
    2: Archers
    2: Witches
    2: Mages
    2: Healers

    At this point you will have briefly stepped into completing your basic team composition. the rest is simply adding on 1~2 units of every class to cover more ground and cater to the needs for the current or next event. The basic units to level at the start are what people call the 'H-A-T' core team (Healer-Archer-Tank). If you deviate from this point for any daily missions or events, you will slow down your leveling and may end up slightly lacking for the next event, so do so at your own risk and judgment.

    If you carry on in this manner, you'll eventually reach a point where you'll be experienced enough to know what units are necessary, what units to prioritize and stuff like that if you ever start an alt. As a reference point, me and Tenhou both managed to clear Golden Armor H with 1.5 weeks of gameplay, and Crystal Keeper H with 2 weeks, and get an almost perfect unit from a star rush event in DMM (some degree of luck was involved) after 1 month of gameplay.
    (Note: DMM = the japanese aigis, also the original aigis that nutaku's aigis is translated from)

    Whatever units you are lacking or any weak areas in your team can be eventually supplemented with event units in the long run, but you'll eventually want 2 soldiers, 3 archers, 3 healers, 2 tanks, 2 mages, 2 witches and 4 duelists including at least 1 valk and 1 bandit. You can also override the above priority leveling units with units of higher rarity. the only exception is Alissa: you probably want a low cost healer for emergency needs.
    (Note: Bolded line includes any golds/silvers you accidentally used up. Commitment to this game is the key here)

    Last but not least: This guide is simply one way of doing things in a slightly more efficient manner than doing things blindly. and meant for those who like to follow step-by-step guides. (like me, yay!)
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    iris is lvl 10 reward not 20 :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by switch View Post
    iris is lvl 10 reward not 20 :P
    whoops, thanks. too lazy to check, all I remembered was she was one of the early rank rewards

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    Can you post your DMM team here or in a new thread plzzz...

    I have enough experience now to understand the basic composition...but all the advanced class makes my head heavy...

    sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this...

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    i think 20 is a 5 SC :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirito Rick View Post
    Can you post your DMM team here or in a new thread plzzz...

    I have enough experience now to understand the basic composition...but all the advanced class makes my head heavy...

    sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this...
    the thing is, this guide applies to BOTH DMM and Nutaku aigis. you still need the basic composition. your issue is most likely not understanding all the new classes that Nutaku doesnt have yet, such as priest warriors, angels, mage armors and hermits. and unfortunately, a lot of them are rather niche and you'll be better off checking out Lafate's Class and Army Guide

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