1. DT:M
  2. Ayame

Max Level80
Attack (MAX)507805441058040
Defense (MAX)291903128033360
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Skill 1
Dragoon Pulse (UR)
Starting Activation : Extreme boost to 1-4 diagonally adjacent warrior-type allies
Skill 2
Cursed Sword Twin God Attack (UR)
Action Activation : Deals ultimate damage to 1-2 enemies
Skill 3
Sadistic Spirit (LR)
Action Activation : Deals Extreme damage to 1-4 enemies in corners



Stage 1Im going for Demoth from World of Brilliant. I feel IT is still alive cos IT is demon of Filia.
Stage 2Im going for Demoth from World of Brilliant. All my life is killing IT with my sword. Don't ask me about that
Stage 3Dragnia and Filia? None of my bussiness. All I think is killing Demoth.

Memories (NSFW)

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