1. DT:M
  2. Bulk

Max Level80
Attack (MAX)454504870051950
Defense (MAX)428104586048920
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Skill 1
Holy Present (UR)
Passive : Extreme boost to 1-9 magic-type allies
Skill 2
Risky Present (UR)
Action Activation : Put 1 non-leader enemy on the verge of death (HP1)
Skill 3
Christmas Eve Ballad (LR) [activation limit : 3]
Counter Activation : Deals ultimate damage to enemy leader



Stage 1Rosette... If I put these clothes on... And I don't think I can decorate a tree or anything like that... No way... I've become involved in something really important...
Stage 2Why are there Dragonfolk here?  Indeed... This is where you keep those dirty monkeys... But don't worry... I've no intention of fighting you tonight... Rosette speaks too severely...
Stage 3Hehehe... It's been many years since I've had fun like this... You monkeys have such foolish ideas of culture... I'll try to change my thoughts towards you after tonight...

Memories (NSFW)

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