1. DT:M
  2. Elegant Diske

NameElegant Diske
Max Level80
Attack (MAX)371803983042490
Defense (MAX)394804230045110
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Skill 1
First Flower Princess (UR)
Passive : Extreme recovery for 1-3 allies
Skill 2
Blossoming Flower (UR)
Passive : Extreme boost to 1-4 allies
Skill 3
Blizzard of Blossoms (UR)
Action Activation : Deals extreme damage to 1-5 enemies



Stage 1Zoldark's actions are unforgiveable! Using a compassionate dragon to fight... I'll keep fighting, no matter what pain awaits.
Stage 2Using a compassionate dragon to fight.. Zoldark will soon reap what he has been sowing. He will be exposed under the light of justice...
Stage 3Zoldark continues to rob Dragnia of her peace, and punishing her citizens. I may just be a lowly member of the royal family, but when I have my chance, I'll help my people.

Memories (NSFW)

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