1. DT:M
  2. Levi

Max Level80
Attack (MAX)303803255034720
Defense (MAX)540005786061720
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Skill 1
Shimmering Sword (UR)
Starting Activation :  Returns the reduced Offense of 1 to 9 allies to the previous level.
Skill 2
Auto Healing (UR)
Counter Activation : Provides yourself with a moderate recovery
Skill 3
Refined Air Formation (LR)
Action Activation : Returns the elevated Offense of 1-5 enemies to its previous level



Stage 1I have no plans to cross blades with such lowly being as you. Your opponents will be those who protect me!
Stage 2I can see no meaning in me fighting someone of as lowly birth as you. Well Golem, my guardian, overthrow this savage tribe!
Stage 3You use your hands. We must take up our weapons. Well, I'll give you just enough time to pray to your gods. Are you ready?

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