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There are five different types of Missions: Story, Special, Reprint, Concept, and Limited Missions.

Story Missions are always open to expedition.

Special Missions include rotating Daily Missions that contain Upgrade and Evolution materials,
as well as Event Missions when a special event is taking place.

Reprint Missions include past Event Missions.

Concept Missions are unique challenges that can be done to earn Honour Medals.

Limited Missions contain special Bonus Stages that appear for only a short time as well as Challenge Stages from the special event. Once you've cleared all the Normal Missions and a portion of the Special Missions, Bonus Stages will appear at regular intervals.
We recommend that beginners start with the Normal Missions!

Doing Missions costs Stamina.
If you don't have enough Stamina, you won't be able to enter a Mission. Stamina refills at a rate of 1 point every 3 minutes, which means you can choose to wait, restore your Stamina by using a Stamina Nectar (restores 50% of your maximum stamina), or consuming a Flower Gem (restores 100% of your maximum stamina).

❀ Tutorial Missions

❀ Story Missions


Mission 29 - The Silver Prison Lake


Mission 30 - White Lily Town


Mission 31 - Elmoz Mountain Base


Mission 32 - The Banks of Gyor River


Mission 33 - Gurido White Ravine

❀ Special Missions

❀ Permanent Reprint Missions

Stages will be updated with Resealstones soon!

❀ Concept Missions

Each Concept Mission allows a certain amount of parties and has its own set of unique effects. Some Concept Missions may also disable abilities that effect the speed of your squad (if this happens, your party’s speed will be highlighted in red). The Flower Knights that are shown on the banners are examples of Knights that would excel in that mission.

Concept 01

Special Mission - Skill - Clean Sweep Operation Part 1
Party Limit: 1
+ Each party member’s Skill Power is increased by 2.5x.
+ Abilities that increase Skill Activation Rate are enhanced.

FKG:Beginner - Skill - Clean Sweep Operation
FKG:Intermediate - Skill - Clean Sweep Operation
FKG:Advanced - Skill - Clean Sweep Operation
FKG:Ultimate - Skill - Clean Sweep Operation
FKG:Extreme - Skill - Clean Sweep Operation

Concept 02

Special Mission - Trial of Strength - Single Breakthrough! Part 1
Party Limit: 1
+ Each party members Skill Power is increased based on their MAX HP.
– All Abilities are disabled.
– Pests have no type weakness.

FKG:Beginner - Trial of Strength - Concentrated Breakthrough!
FKG:Intermediate - Trial of Strength - Concentrated Breakthrough!
FKG:Advanced - Trial of Strength - Concentrated Breakthrough!
FKG:Ultimate - Trial of Strength - Concentrated Breakthrough!
FKG:Extreme - Trial of Strength - Concentrated Breakthrough!

Concept 03

Special Mission - Solar Drive, Fire! Part 2
Party Limit: 2
+ Solar Drive damage is increased by 4x.
+ Abilities that increase Shrine Crystal drop rate are enhanced.

FKG:Beginner - Solar Drive, Fire!
FKG:Intermediate - Solar Drive, Fire!
FKG:Advanced - Solar Drive, Fire!
FKG:Ultimate - Solar Drive, Fire!
FKG:Extreme - Solar Drive, Fire!

Concept 04
Concept 05

Special Mission - Equipment Recommendation Part 1
Party Limit: 1
+ The effectiveness of equipment is increased.
– Your Flower Knight’s base attack stats, base defense stats, abilities, and equipment abilities are all nullified. Your Knight’s equipment’s attack and defense are the only things that are counted.

FKG:Beginner - Equipment Recommendation
FKG:Intermediate - Equipment Recommendation
FKG:Advanced - Equipment Recommendation
FKG:Ultimate - Equipment Recommendation
FKG:Extreme - Equipment Recommendation

Concept 06

Special Mission - Subjugate the Bizarre Pests! Part 2
Party Limit: 2
In these Concept Missions, a pest will chase you down. It is easily beatable at first, but in later stages it will be incredibly difficult to defeat. The optimal solution is to run away, though later stages will also introduce webs to slow down your parties. So, abilities that cancel Speed Altering Nodes are very important. Flower Knights with this ability can be found here under 'Other stage abilities'.

FKG:Beginner - Weird? Let's subjugate the strange Pests!

Concept 07

Special Mission - The Menace in the Defense Base! Part 4
Party Limit: 4 (No Helper)
+ Until clearing, no Stamina is used when Retreating.
– Enemies use Abilities.

FKG:The Ancient Flowers' threat and confrontation!
FKG:Confront the Menace in the Defense Base Ruins!

❀ Limited Missions

Advanced - Secret Garden Quest


Basic Panels
Start Panel
Panel for deploying characters.
Goal Panel
When you arrive on this Panel, the Stage is cleared.
Normal Panel
Nothing happens when you land on this Panel.
Random Fork Panel
Sends you in a random direction.
Auto-Fork Panel
After passing through this Panel, the next squad will be forced in another direction.

Battle Panels
Pest Panel
Landing on this Panel initiates battle with Pests.
Pest Nest
This Panel releases Puny Pests onto the Stage.
If you encounter a Puny Pest, you'll attack each other on that Panel. In these fights only, if a player squad is wiped out, they will be left with 1 HP.
Tiny Pest and Magnifying Glass Panels
Landing on these Panels prompts a special battle.
Landing on a Tiny Pest Panel does nothing unless you have landed on a Magnifying Glass Panel.
If the combat timer on the Panel reaches 0, the battle is over. Landing on a Magnifying Glass Panel again while the combat timer is counting down will add turns to the timer.
Assault Pests
A panel that contains moving Pests.
The Assault Pest Panel will move across the Stage. If these Pests make contact with a Knight (or vice-versa), battle will start.
Landing on this Panel can prompt a special battle.
Upon landing on this Panel, Knights will investigate for enemies. If Assault Pests encounter this Panel while Knights are still there, the Squads occupying the Panel will battle the Pests.
(If the Knights on the Panel are defeated, the investigation will be called off.)

Item Panels
Coins Panel
Panel for obtaining Coins
Gacha Seed Panel
Panel for obtaining Gacha Seeds
Treasure Chest Panel
Panel for obtaining treasure chest.

Utility Panels
Spring of Recovery Panel
Panel that heals all members of a squad when landed on
Cannon Panel
Panel that cuts the HP of a random enemy when landed on. This can only be operated the number of times displayed above the panel.
Firework Gun Panel
Panel that cuts the HP of two random enemies when landed on. This can only be operated the number of times displayed above the panel.
Note 1: Abilities affecting Cannon Panels also affect Firework Gun Panels.
Note 2: This panel only appeared during Heavenly Flower Festival event.
Altar Panel
Panel that raises the Light GAUGE

Special Panels
Switch Panel
Panel that opens doors that are the same color as the switch. There are 3 colors. When a door is opened, a new path appears.
Movement Speed Adjustment Panel
Panel for forcibly changing movement speed.
Stepping on a Whirlwind Panel increases the movement speed of your party. And stepping on a Spider Web Panel decreases the movement speed of your party.
Locked Panel
A panel that is unlocked when a character passes over it.
When it has been passed over the number of times displayed on the panel, another panel appears underneath.
Warp Panel
Panel that instantly warps a character to a particular location when passed over.

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