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NameFortune Comes to the Merry Flower
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Event PeriodBase: 29.12.2016 - 10.01.2017
Reissue: 06.07.2017 - 20.07.2017
Permanent: 25.01.2018
DescriptionThe end of the year is drawing near.
The people of Spring Garden are getting ready for the end-of-year shrine visit.
Despite the cold, the Flower Knights of Winter Rose are getting ready for the new year festival. One of the holiday customs of this region is to give offerings to the shrine. However, there are many Flower Knights who are still unsure about what exactly it is they have to offer.
And now it looks like there's trouble brewing in the distance...

❀ Event detail

❀ Stages

❀ Rewards

Note: Collect Celebration Sake from event stages!
Event Gacha
Use Celebration Sake to play the Event Gacha.
Note: The Event Gacha line-up can be reset at any time, after acquiring the main prize, from the Event Gacha Content window; you can reset the Event Gacha up to 11 times.
However, after resetting the contents any leftover from the previous pool will be lost, so make sure to acquire all the prizes you're interested in before resetting.
After every reset, the cost to roll the Event Gacha once will increase.

Reset Count:

New Year Panels

x 5

x 10

x 30

x 50

x 150

x 200

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