Event: Epic Days 9 2020

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  • Begin: Wednesday, February 19th 2020
  • End: Sunday, February 23rd 2020
  • Status: This event has ended!

Exclusives Haremettes

During the whole duration of the event, you can gain the following haremettes for your harem:

SifraRandom drop by beating Dark Lord in Gems Kingdom (W2).
AgathaRandom drop by beating Ninja Spy in Ninja Village (W3).
KatharinaRandom drop by beating Edwarda in The Juy Sea (W5).
BarrelRandom drop by beating Donatien in the Admittance of the dead (W6).
KeiraRandom drop by beating Fredy Sih Roko Senseï in Heroes University (W10).
GeminiRandom drop by beating Jackson's Crew in Splatters Archipelago (W12).

Special Outfit

Dark Lord, Ninja Spy, Edwarda, Donatien, Fredy Sih Roko Senseï and Jackson's Crew dressed themselves for this special occasion. Open the spoiler to see it!

Dark Lord
Ninja Spy
Fredy Sih Roko Senseï
Jackson's Crew

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