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    IG ID: 929998

    Iris (Water) (one star) - Lvl 1 stats:
    HP: 46 MP: 63
    Atk: 7 Magic: 11
    Def: 5 Res: 12
    Agi: 8
    Skill 1: Mobilize Single I (lvl 5)
    Skill 2: Mobilize Forwards I (lvl 15)
    Skill 3: Recover Backs I (lvl 25)
    L Skill: (none)
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    just added a bunch of descriptions to many of the awakened units in the comments section of the unit. Not sure how to add them in without ruining the page so if someone could do that for me that would be awesome XD
  3. Quote Originally Posted by zerohex619 View Post
    just added a bunch of descriptions to many of the awakened units in the comments section of the unit. Not sure how to add them in without ruining the page so if someone could do that for me that would be awesome XD
    Yeah, thanks.)
    I was going to add those today bit by bit.
  4. I dont know how to edit or add girls so I'd like somebody to do it.

    Add me if you want.

    ID 706725

    Priest lvl 67 yapasemiextra
    ID: 706725
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    Alexia be dropped somewhere or just gacha ?
  6. #6
    pls add natasha to light from form nanashi village outskirts -Ruins of Lux extra dungeon
  7. #7
    Just curious if the 3-5* Eve was gonna be added to the dark section?
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    Pulled this useful breakdown off the Japanese wiki. Note that MAG will only be high if the character uses a mage weapon. Also Nature/Natural spells are physical ATK based.

    General stat ranking of each element:
    Fire: HP 1、MP 5、ATK 3、MAG 3、DEF 4、MDEF 4、AGI 5
    Water: HP 6、MP 1、ATK 6、MAG 5、DEF 2、MDEF 1、AGI 4
    Wind: HP 5、MP 2、ATK 5、MAG 6、DEF 1、MDEF 3、AGI 2
    Thunder: HP 3、MP 3、ATK 2、MAG 4、DEF 5、MDEF 5、AGI 3
    Light: HP 4、MP 6、ATK 4、MAG 1、DEF 6、MDEF 2、AGI 1
    Dark: HP 2、MP 4、ATK 1、MAG 2、DEF 3、MDEF 6、AGI 6
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    ID: 1797449
    please add me as friend thanks
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    if i set a leader with the same skill as the friend do the skills tack or no?
  11. they do stack. Not sure about some Leader skill like Emilia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agentj View Post
    they do stack. Not sure about some Leader skill like Emilia.
    thanks for the info
  13. Quote Originally Posted by Agentj View Post
    they do stack. Not sure about some Leader skill like Emilia.
    Emila stacks, too. At least the Silver Parade was way quicker with two.
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    Does it matter when units are evolved? Should they be evolved as soon as I acquire them or wait until a specific level?
  16. --moved to Loulou's page--
  17. ^ Do you have Loulou girl ID ? so i can grab the image, icon and such
  18. Uh...where would I find the ID? Didn't even realize they had something like that...

    Side note: I got my Mirei to 5*. Left the updated info in the comments section of her page.
  19. Well for future reference on either chrome or firefox open develpment tool and click the network tab then go to the plaza and click on a girl to see her detail. The dev tool should display the swf with the girl ID as well as the png for girl thumbnail. All those info are also packed in the JSON unit deail request, it is labeled as "parent_id" in the JSON info
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    OMG why i didnt get 5 star like eve fatima or alexia.....need friend 2067016
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    Hi my fellow Hitsuji Chronicle gamers

    I would be glad if you would add me 1747191. I need some strong friends for the difficult quest.

    Thx, wish you all a pleasurable time with the girls

    ID: 1747191
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    any idea how to add what types of weapons/armor units can equip? it's tiring trying to equip some items when i don't know who can equip them.
  23. So I started playing this game during Supremacy of the round table part 2, does that mean I can never get Meinasu? Like does this game re-release events or past girls? Seeing as Eiren made it to the gacha im wondering if Meinasu might. I have obtained Noah via 3 star ticket but besides her, Meinasu is the only fire-type mage making Noah's leader skill useless if you don't have her or am I wrong?
    Nutaku name: Kimjones
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    Holy friends. Add meeeeeee 1148014. Using 5* lead
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    Did I miss the Evolve materials for Lara, or are they not out yet? I have quite a few girls that require special materials to evolve, and I have done well in basically every event.
  26. I just got Olga as my LoV closing reward unit. She's a 3 star unit upgradeable to at least 4 will post more info as I go along.
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    Girls Kingdom - Kurzathan
    Kanpani Girl's - Kurzathan
    Hitsuji Chronicles - 687325
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    She is upgradeable to 5*
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    I have no idea what's her story though as it is currently in Japanese
  29. I got a 5-star girl in ticket gatcha called Keane, Here's an album of all her stuff(INCLUDES H-SCENES).
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    Is it me or are the units not updating? I see a lot of new girls in Hitsuji but when I come here, they're nowhere to be found.
    Is this a problem on my end or is there something going on that I'm not aware of?

    The most recent update is Cassie but she's missing everything.

    ID: 989192 (Level 57 Eve)
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    This is a Wiki. That means that it's updated by people who have spare time rather than a dedicated data-mining staff. Things aren't going to update at a steady pace.
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    Got this girl from ticket gacha
    she has 2 evolutions, messed up, didn't get her 3 star lvl 1 stats

    Gretel (Thunder) (4 star) - Lvl 1 stats:
    HP: 222 MP: 70
    Atk: 47 Magic: 32
    Def: 10 Res: 7
    Agi: 14
    Skill 1: Corroding Bolt Fang - Single Strike II (lvl 5)
    Skill 2: Bolt Fang of Apathy - Linear Strike II (lvl 15)
    Skill 3: Bolt Fang - Linear Strike III (lvl 25)
    L Skill: Thunder King (Phys atk for Thunder attribute +35% UP)

    Gretel (Thunder) (5 star) - Lvl 1 stats:
    HP: 287 MP: 79
    Atk: 56 Magic: 39
    Def: 11 Res: 8
    Agi: 16
    Skill 1: Corroding Bolt Fang - Single Strike III (lvl 5)
    Skill 2: Bolt Fang of Apathy - Linear Strike III (lvl 15)
    Skill 3: Raijin - Linear Strike I (lvl 25)
    L Skill: Thunder Dragon (Phys atk for Thunder attribute +50% UP)
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    Album for Gretel (including H-scenes)

  34. what happenned to the scenes?
  35. #35
  36. ok. I have no idea how to post new character. can someone fix kurono ? it's in unit section, and i put descriptions and such, but I can't seem to be able to do it.
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    add me 4123670
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    Here are the stats for level 1 Tiara 3*

    HP 136
    MP 63
    Attack 32
    Defense 6
    Magic 39
    Resistance 11
    Agility 9

    Here are for 4*

    HP 186
    MP 72
    Attack 41
    Defense 6
    Magic 48
    Resistance 13
    Agility 10

    I should have the 5* stats soon
  39. #39
    Got the Tiara 5* stats

    HP 247
    MP 81
    Attack 49
    Defense 7
    Magic 57
    Resist 15
    Agility 12
  40. Started a new page for Gallaria.

    Can anyone point me in the direction on how to actually download the SFW files? The Contribute page tells you how to find it and what to do after you got it, but it leaves you hanging high and dry for actually getting it.

    Here's the url link for Gallaria's SFW.

    Edit: Got it; have to manually save the whole page from the settings menu. Only took 10 hours of randumb clicking to figure it out.
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    Leading with Dee, a 3-5 star yellow. Please add me 2428299
  42. Tried to update the wind and water categories to better reflect where they appear in the plaza menu, I'm missing some entries, though. Should be all 1 stars (plus upgrades), then 2 stars (plus upgrades), 3 stars, etc. Most of the 1 stars do not drop in missions, so go with prayer gacha from holy friends for these. (Ie Rifulue, Rita, etc). No idea what gacha I got Roana from, but I'll have to give her stats when I get her to level 25 and let someone reverse engineer her down to 1.
  43. Please add Hitsuji:Sango (her place is just after Marissa):

    Recently widowed, she spends her time alone in her
    large house. As her husband was on his deathbed,
    she vowed that even if he died, she would continue to
    love him forever. She hasn't thought of loving another
    or remarrying ever since, instead deciding on living
    alone for the rest of her days. However, an encounter
    with the Templar, whose face, voice and stature
    remind her of her lost love, has shaken her resolution,
    despite her wishing for it not to.

    Please add Hitsuji:Serena (her place is 3? icon squares after Josette):

    A member of the medic squad of the Kingdom's
    Knights. She spends her hectic days caring for
    soldiers and other patients. Yet despite how trying her
    days are, she always wears an unwavering smile that
    lifts the spirits of her patients. She even keeps her
    smile whilst scolding her subordinates, causing
    whispers to go around about the medic squad being

    Please add Hitsuji:Setsuna (her place is just after Serena):

    A well accomplished and outstandingly strong
    member of the chivalric order, always striving for
    greater success. She is gifted in her physical
    proportions, cheerful and light-hearted. Being unable
    to look past anybody who is in trouble has caused
    many people to adore her, and not just by her fellow
    knights, but the villagers too. She is usually a tolerant
    person, but she has no patience for dirty jokes or
    indecent actions.
  44. TRIVIA:

    Which girls where previously awarded from Events and require special materials to evolve?


    These girls cannot be evolved using fruits and if you have them in their original state then you will need to wait for a revival event to get their evo materials and evolve them.

    Are there any other special girls which are unobtainable at the moment?

    Aside from the event girls that are not available in Gatcha today there is a short list of other girls that are not currently obtainable. These are:

    Olga (fire) (whip) - Olga was a reward given to players that played LoV before it was shut down. Trivia: While having been in the game for quite some time, she is still not translated.

    Ylva (light) (whip) - Ylva was a reward given for doing a full run of the premium 6 step Gatcha that predates the current limited Gatcha. Trivia: Ylva features a very nice set of boobs!

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