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    Why are the devs letting this game flounder?

    It's been at least 2 to 3 months now of neglect - and before that minimal effort the rest of the year - my question is why?

    Surely it was bringing in revenue, nothing had changed, other then the deals fluctuating about...so why now?

    I've pretty much quit, I'm skulking around hoping it will change and have hardly logged on. just to spend FGs ont he gacha...so I've not played for about a month...and loath to sink more time in a sinking ship

    What do we know - and suspect?

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    My vote goes towards the awaited snapshot and update to HTML5. That is, they may have deemed them more trouble to deal with than they're worth.
    Would also suspect dev difficulties in working with FKG's code. Could be more intricacies in there that they have time to spend.

    Is there any info out there listing the approximate generated revenue for games? Thought FKG fared better than some of the other games here which are pretty spend heavy.

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    The Devs don't communicate and the CM is full of BS. Reported problems are not fixed. Their QA is shit.
    We are probably two or more snapshots behind by now and they refuse to address that.
    This event was bugged all to hell and we will see if they even get the next event to run. Skills and abilities are not updated and girls are flat out broken. They really don't seem to care at all.

    I took a month off and logged back in when they released all these recent blooms.
    Some actually work as they should, some don't.
    Am restocking some gems and life crystals then I will check back out until they bloom some more rainbows or a miracle occurs and they get proper dev support.

    Yes DMM has said the browser version is moving to HTML5 in July and they have had a mobile version over a year, their game is fun and it works

    I don't see these devs who don't even fix basic things as being up to that task.
    I expect to see 60 day closure notice on it at some point in the near future.

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    imagine, if you will, this game as Kurt Kobain.
    right now it's in the process of thinking what is more soul crushing, seeing Courtney Love more or blasting your brainmatter over the ceiling. and the ceiling looks mighty fine.

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    share da saem feeling

    too lazy to rant or complain or join our racist anons on bashing Canada LOL



    Nutaku aint caring but SuperHippo seems

    da game might be on or dead coz one side promotes while da other only cares for Western Adult games
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    Canada isn't a race, dude. it's the name of a mental problem, like sweden for example.

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    Isn't SuperHippo Romanian? And lulz at claiming they're not low-quality translations with bad formatting.

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    they self-identify as quality translators kin, don't you mess with them, tis the CURRENT YEAR.

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    Yes the Devs are Romanian. Too lazy to update their website. Don't speak Jap or Eng, thus all these fkd translations.
    Taco in Canada. I blame them (for which they blame on devs and do nothing of course) for allowing the poor quality to exist.
    My reward to them is dropping all their games and just FTP now on FKG till it ends.

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    Looks like another hippo game bites the dust. Interesting they are stopping new events immediately and there is no server closure date.

    Why are the devs letting this game flounder?-peropero.jpg

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