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Constructing buildings

To construct a building, select what you want to build from "Building Request" then place it where you want. What you can build and the number of buildings are both limited by the current castle level. Gold or Mana is required for any construction.
When you decide to start building, the artisans start to work. The construction is complete when the time allocated for each construction project has elapsed. Initially, you have two artisans, so it's possible to work on two buildings.

Improving buildings

If you want to level up a building, select the building and click the "Level Up" button. Gold or Mana and an available artisan are also required to improve buildings just like when initially constructing a building.
Buildings have an upper level limit. Castle upper levels change, depending on the lord's level. Workers’ union's upper levels change, depending on the castle level. Upper levels of other buildings -except the castle and the workers’ union- change, depending on the workers’ union.

Changing building placement

Building placement in your domain affects the defence. If you want to change building placement, select the building you wish to move and drag it to where you want. When you touch an area other than the building you just moved, the building placement is confirmed. No resources or time are required to change placements.
When you select a defence building, a circle indicates its attack range.

Building Menu

When you select a building, you see a menu. It contains an "Info" button, a "Level Up" button, features for the buildings, and an "Item" button.
An icon appears in a building when it has produced over 100 resources; clicking the "Collect Resource" button in the menu allows you to collect them.

Key Buildings

Resource Buildings

Defense Buildings

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